What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics, which are also called cognitive enhancers and smart drugs are supplements and drugs that are known to impact cognitive function positively. These drugs improve the overall executive functions, motivation, creativity, and memory in individuals.

What Are Nootropics Used For?

In recent years, nootropics have been a subject of a lot of attention, that too for a number of reasons. According to research, these supplements can enhance numerous cognitive aspects, help to fight mental diseases, and keep the brain healthy.
Most commonly, these drugs are used by students for remembering and learning efficiently; however, there is so much more which can be achieved by taking nootropics.

Some of the most common uses of nootropics include the following:

As a Tool For Studying

Today, a majority of individuals are thought to be users of these smart drugs. Since a lot of these supplements enhance memory and improve the learning abilities of students, it’s no surprise that nootropics are being used for improving the academic performance.

While caffeine, as well as other numerous traditional stimulants, have been preferable cognitive enhancers for students that aiming to meet deadlines, nootropics have fewer side effects (comparatively) and hardly show any signs of tolerance.

For Business Executives

Nootropics have been known to provide the business executives with the edge they require in order to leave their competition behind. There are a few nootropics that enable an individual to think logically and more clearly which is quite useful for making crucial decisions.

Similarly, some supplements assist a person in staying focused on a task for a longer time period without inducing fatigue which is normally linked with prolonged mental exertion. Moreover, those businessmen that travel frequently use nootropics to tone down the effects of jetlag. As a result, they stay alert and focused during the important meetings they had to travel for.

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For Social Gatherings

A few supplements that have anxiolytic effects are known to counteract social anxiety because of which the user is left with greater confidence. Meanwhile, some of the other nootropics improve the verbal language skills of a person.

When a person feels that they can communicate in a more effective manner, then he or she ends up feeling a little more confident. By taking these drugs, a person is able to think logically and clearly because of which he or she can understand the crowd around them much better and act accordingly. Similarly, because of the enhancement of memory, people tend to remember faces and names much easily.

With the increasing trend in the use of nootropics, it’s likely you might have come across misinformed advice regarding these drugs.

The Worst Advice Regarding Nootropics

Since there hasn’t been a lot of research on nootropics, there have been a number of bad advices that some people share because they don’t understand this drug well.

Here are some of the most absurd ones!

They Are an Ideal Replacement For a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you survive on coffee for a big chunk of your day because of how busy your work schedule is? Well, doing so won’t help you in the long run.

Similarly, you must know that relying on a nootropic for ever-present enhanced performance might end up harming you instead. You shouldn’t use a smart drug because your aim is to get through the day by ignoring other necessary factors.

Instead, you must also adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes sufficient sleep, a good eating pattern, and exercise. If you don’t have all of these, then you won’t get any results after consuming a nootropic. You must, instead, think about the changes that you must make to nurture optimal cognitive capacity and performance.

While it’s easy to just rely on nootropics to bring you success, that isn’t how things work. Just like you can’t lose weight only by taking a weight loss supplement and not altering your diet, you also can’t expect the nootropic to work without a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Though nootropics give you the strength to pull an all-nighter successfully, you won’t be benefitting from it in the long run. So, if you want to reap the maximum benefits from your nootropic consumption, you must stay active and eat well.

You Don't Need to Worry About Side Effects

Nootropics are known to have low toxicity. However, each individual has a unique body chemistry which means that some people do end up experiencing some side effects albeit, only mild ones.

For this reason, experts suggest taking the lowest dosage first and then increasing it slowly with time. As a beginner, it is much better to try out the safer drugs first that have been used for a while now such as L-Theanine and Bacopa Monnieri. Both of these are natural smart drugs and have been commonly used in traditional medicine.

There are some nootropics that combine natural ingredients such as herbs, amino acids, and brain vitamins. As a result, cognitive functions are significantly improved without any synthetic components added to the recipe. Thus, there are no harmful side effects.

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You Can Start With Any Nootropics!

If you are going to take nootropics for the first time, then it is easy to assume that you can start off with any of the nootropic drugs. However, you shouldn’t start off with any drug because it will be particularly difficult to stomach the heavier drugs.

It is safe to start with a safer nootropic, preferably one that’s herbal. You should also limit the daily dosage to a small one. Once the body is accustomed to the drug after a month or two, only then you must consider moving to ‘heavier’ drugs.

Concluding The Topic

With plenty of information available on nootropics, it’ll do you good to be well-informed about the drug before trying it out. Also, it’s better not to hear advice from individuals who haven’t used nootropics themselves and don’t understand how this drug works.

It is safe to say that nootropic drugs can be life-changing. By doing some detailed research and by taking the correct dosage, you too can improve your overall analytical thinking skills and the retaining ability of your brain while also sharpening your focus.

However, don’t delve into the hype that surrounds them. Differentiate between reality, myths, and bad advice first so that you can make an informed decision.