People these days are desperately looking for a good night’s sleep. Due to the hectic routine and the competitiveness of the world, many people are usually sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation not only causes a person to be less productive and energetic the next day but with time, it can also have a negative impact on cognitive health and brain function.

Sleep is crucial for properly maintaining the body’s health. It is also essential for keeping the memory systems and neurons healthy. If you are also one of those people that have a difficult time in getting the hours of sleep that have been recommended because of your busy schedules, then you need to make sure that you get a high-quality and restful sleep to make the most out of your sleeping time.

Often, when you try out a sleep aid such as supplements, teas, or herbs, you find yourself tossing and turning around in bed, resulting in you being tired and frustrated the next day. When supplements have failed you, what you need is a stronger alternative which is available in the form of nootropics.


Nootropics For Sleep


Nootropics are primarily known for improving various cognitive capabilities such as reasoning, attention span, learning, and memory. They are known for helping athletes perform much better athletically and students in excelling in their academics. However, there are some nootropics that can significantly improve sleep too.

Numerous factors can disrupt the sleep patterns, and once you figure out what is affecting your sleep, you can easily get the answer to your sleeping problem. For example, some people find it hard to shut down their mind because of high-stress levels. Meanwhile, others despite being able to fall asleep quickly cannot spend a sufficient amount of time in deep sleep and end up becoming cranky.

Below are some problems you might be facing if you are an insomniac and how a nootropic can help you!

Difficulty Falling Asleep Quickly

For many people, falling asleep in just a few minutes at night is a big problem. If you are also one of those that only keep on tossing around in the bed, then this might be because of cognitive over-excitement. In such a condition, the neurons continuously fire in a state of excitation and a person has difficulty in relaxing and falling asleep quickly. So, using a nootropic that can boost the inhibitory neurotransmitters to turn off the excessive stimulation can be quite helpful. The best nootropics for mental relaxation, in this case, are Picamilon and Phenibut.

Picamilon is an excellent nootropic and can help induce relaxation which results in the ability to fall asleep in a much shorter time. Meanwhile, Phenibut, known as a potent nootropic is advised for boosting tranquility and relaxation. It is also effective in inducing sleep at night and can also assist in restoring normal circadian rhythms.


Staying Asleep Throughout The Night


Another problem that people with insomnia face is that once they do fall asleep, it is difficult for them to stay asleep throughout the entire night. Plus, waking up frequently in the night can be a great problem because it disturbs the regular sleep cycle and doesn’t let the brain or even the body get the rest it needs.

For this problem as well, Phenibut is an excellent choice since it is a GABA agonist and can help relax the mind. Another nootropic you can take if you have difficulty staying asleep is Aniracetam as it is helpful with various sleeping issues. It is known to have anti-anxiety effects and can be useful for combating problems with depression and stress as well.

Waking Up Tired

Even if you do manage to stay asleep throughout the night, you might wake up feeling as if you just went to bed a few minutes ago. You might wake up unable to focus clearly and feel as if your brain is all foggy and muddled up. This usually takes place when you are woken up while you are in one of the REM cycles. It can also take place because of a lack of deep sleep.

For this, some nootropics cannot only promote a deeper sleep state but can also help you to achieve more time during the REM cycle. The two most effective nootropics include Huperzine A and L-Theanine. Huperzine A can increase levels of REM by up to 30% while L-Theanine can induce deep levels of calmness and relaxation, thus resulting in much better sleep.