How come medical supplements, like nootropics and stimulants, show no results?

How come all of them seem counterproductive?

Just think, the majority of people have to force themselves’ out of their beds and most fail, falling back to sleep. Well, did you know that most people used some sort of drug, like nootropics, hoping that it would help with an issue they were having, yet has no real outcome? Wondering why this is just such a common problem?

You shouldn’t have to take something like a stimulant and not get it’s desired effect.

There’re 3 Reasons Why They aren’t Working to Those Desired Effects

  1. The user must have the ideal endocrine profile, if not, then there will be no outcome, no desired effect while taking it. It’s useless; every nootropics and stimulants out there will do nothing if the person has a bad endocrine profile.
  1. NootropicsHaving gastrointestinal issues or having a faulty GI tract? It’s common that most people have a rundown digestion, making it so any substance taken can’t properly assimilate any core problems, making it totally useless.
  1. The main reason why these effects get hampered in 99% of people is because the majority of those people have underdeveloped vascular systems in the brain and extremely well blood flow. It’s hard to pinpoint and improve when most ignore it. People like pill pushers don’t really let you/the user know this since it’s their job to sell as much and as soon as they physically can, leaving the product they are selling very questionable. It’s not like they tested it before hand.

The brain will start functioning and improving, however, and they won’t boost the transportation of oxygen and glucose when needed. It’s difficult and can’t do this, let alone brain excretion, and the brain does foul a lot. Just be cautious when taking these drugs hoping for a miracle when in the end it does nothing because of your health.

NootropicsHave you been struck with depression for years and wonder why it happened to you and what triggered it? Do you often sleepwalk and end up confused? Can’t focus on even the smallest things? Everything is going great, but now you’re struggling mentally. Go straight to the issue and try to resolve the issue by seeing the vascular system, stable your blood and try fixing your endocrine profile to a healthier state. You would be surprised how much that can change your life! Note that it will take time to see it improve, as long as there are no health problems. It is already much faster than the natural process, which drags for many 5-10 years.

Well, trying to change my endocrine profile, the GI tract, and growing an improved vascular network, I haven’t taken any form of any nootropics or stimulant drugs for 8 months already. I usually never enjoyed such energy and high spirits, even when I used to take stimulants like crazy and swallowed down handfuls of nootropics. It will always feel good when people come up and ask what kind of drug you’re on, you’re usually in a great mood 24/7, just because you know better and treat your body better too.