In 2019, society is crazy. The amount of stimuli that most people get on a daily basis can be nearly intolerable. Whether it be from entertainment, politics, or your education, many people just a need an extra cognitive boost in order to deal with their everyday activities. Due to this, many people are turning to Nootropics.

Nootropics is an umbrella term for a substance that typically benefits your memory, ability to learn, and your sleep. A nootropic has virtually no side effects, and can be found in any of the following forms: Herbs, amino acids, chemicals, plants, minerals, and so much more.

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, have been around for nearly a century. Perhaps you’ve heard of caffeine? Who are we kidding, everyone’s heard of caffeine! Well, caffeine is a Nootropic. It allows for your energy levels to be boosted, as well as your motivation levels! Chocolate also contains a nootropic called theobromine which allows for a quick cognitive jump. Subconsciously, this is one amongst the many reasons as to why so many people like chocolate.

It’s important to note that these substances will never be an adequate replacement for a healthy brain caused by a healthy lifestyle. However, these substances can jump start the process of achieving that level of cognition. Below you’ll find a list of the best Nootropics to use for a cognitive function boost. Keep in mind that many doctors declare Nootropics to be unnecessary, and the following information is for research purposes only.


Modafinil is a drug most commonly used to aid people struggling with various disorders. These disorders may include insomnia, narcolepsy, and similar issues. Modafinil works by increasing the production of chemicals like dopamine to the brain. For those unfamiliar with what dopamine is, it’s basically the feel good chemical. When you’ve achieved something difficult for example, you tend to feel pride or euphoria. That’s the result of dopamine production! Many users report that modafinil increases their attention span, their memory, and even their sleep patterns.


Racetams are a very prominent substance among the Nootropic family. Racetams are most notable for their ability to decrease the effects of aging. For example, elderly people tend to have trouble with memory, and Racetams effectively counter that. Many older users report that their memory is significantly improved upon when using Racetams. This particular Nootropic works by increasing the production of dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin imbalances are what tend to cause anxiety and depression, therefore, balancing that imbalance may also be good for one’s mental health.

Natural Alternatives


  • Caffeine is known for its ability to energize your body and mind. It does this by blocking adenosine censors in the brain.


  • Commonly found in tea leaves, L-Theanine relaxes you without making your drowsy. L-Theanine is not a sedative, and is safe to use at all times.


  • Naturally occuring in the brain, citicoline is known for its ability to prevent brain tissue damage.


  • This lesser known substance is very similar to caffeine, and will energize your mind.


  • Used for cognitive function boosts, including memory enhancement and attention span enhancement.


  • Allows the body to cope better with stress by producing dopamine at an accelerated rate.


  • Known for its ability to lower levels of inflammation.


  • Most known for its ability to increase healthy fertility rates.

Omega 3’s

  • Known for their ability to be an excellent healthy fat supplement. Perhaps one of the most common Nootropics used all over the world.

Chris Hatton’s Nootropic Success Story

“I wanted the feeling of having mental energy – being alert and alive –  without the edginess that drinking coffee all day gave me. It was important to me to be able to get more done each day – and not just at work. I needed to have something left over to spend quality time with my wife in the evenings.

I felt terrible because I wasn’t giving my beautiful wife the attention she deserved. She would want to go out for dinner, and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch or go to bed. With retirement on the horizon,  I felt even worse because I needed to be growing my business and saving money, but all I could do was the bare minimum.

I became so fed up and desperate that I made an appointment with my doctor and told him I was concerned that I was developing dementia. My memory was declining, and I had this unshakable brain fog. My mental and physical energy levels were low, and I completely lacked the motivation to work or do much of anything else.  

Thankfully, instead of prescribing a drug, my doctor suggested that I look into nootropic supplements. He said that they could possibly improve my memory and cognitive function and clear up the brain fog. I was so excited to have a potential solution to research and test that I went home and got straight to it.

This is where everything changed for the better for me!

I found a popular nootropic supplement online and ordered it immediately. Once I started taking the supplement, I began feeling a little better every day, and my brain fog started to dissipate. Soon, I was getting more done each day and having energy left over to do things with my wife after work. I was really encouraged by the positive difference I was seeing.”

    Final Disclaimer

    Before taking Nootropics, make sure you speak with your family doctor or a trusted medical professional. If you’re taking prescription medication or antidepressants, make sure you are aware of the consequences of mixing the two substances before taking them.

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