Nootropics for You?

There are too many nootropics available on the market so it becomes difficult that which nootropic must be taken for better results.  Sometimes the user is in need of multiple nootropics to deal with multiple concerns. In this case, either he self-decides or consults a nootropics experts to come up with the combination of the nootropics according to the individual needs. This combination is more advantageous than using the nootropics individually. As this combination is created out of purpose and according to the choice of the user, hence it is referred as a custom nootropic.

Custom nootropic stacks are designed for many purposes like for reducing anxiety, increasing focus, and improving the memory every possible way. Whether you are a student, businessman, budding entrepreneur or anyone who wants to get benefits from the improved memory, learning, focus, mood and motivation then custom nootropic stacks are the best option for you.

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What to Expect from This Stack

Every person wants to hack life and wants to become the better version of them but what will be the better version of the person? The better version of anyone will include improved intelligence, positive attitude, mental clarity, smart social skills¸ relentless motivation and last but not the least a healthy dose of confidence.

The main purpose of custom nootropics is to:

  • Enhance the person’s learning ability
  • Ensure Memory boosting
  • Ensure Better concentration
  • Stimulate creativity and aesthetics
  • Solve focus-related problems
  • Motivate in positive direction
  • Work as Anxiety fighters
  • Develop Self-confidence

Major Components

Generating Vital Energy with Caffeine and L-Theanine

Caffeine is included in the custom nootropics stacks because it plays an important role in increasing the energy and focus levels of the person. It multiplies the stimulating impacts of other ingredients included in the respective stack.  Usually, caffeine leaves behind an addictive result. These impacts are neutralized by the addition of L-theanine. It is an essential amino acid that is abundantly present in the green tea. When it is consumed along with caffeine, the usual side effects of caffeine like undue anxiety can be avoided.  The user thus, instead of feeling lethargic works more productively. This stack makes a vital nootropic combo.

Morale Boosting with Sulbutiamine

There are often times when you might feel down. In such circumstances, the people often feen discouraged, and no matter what they do, they don’t feel like doing anything.  To fight back this low motivation level and to force the inner you to make you feel good generally Sulbutiamine nootropic is suggested. It is assumed that it leaves behind positive impact as it directly affects the dopamine levels. Respectively, it is very much like the ADHD medicines. It works very quickly. The user feels a positive change in no time, hence instead of regular use, it must be consumed only when required.

Improving Concentration and Attention with NAL

NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) is a kind of tyrosine.  It stimulates the production of dopamine. The result is better attention, focus, and concentration. If it is taken in combination with other popular stacks, the results can be manifold.

Alpha GPC for Cognitive Enhancement

A popular choline compound, Alpha GPC, directly works on the memory. Hence, it is recommended as an excellent memory booster. The Alpha GPC is converted into acetylcholine, a popular neurotransmitter. This has direct implications for the memory and then retention.

Aniracetam, the Anxiety Fighter

Aniracetam is popular nootropic that falls under the racetam family.  A perfect alternative for those who are looking for a long-term solution to fight the memory issues. It also helps in fighting back the anxiety related concerns. Its results multiply when used in combination with Noopept and Alpha GPC.

Noopept, the Memory Booster

Racetam family is a reputed nootropic family that has proved its worth as a great memory booster. Noopet falls in the same family and is effective in uplifting the NGF levels in the brain, which resultantly increase the capacity to learn and retain well.

Advantages of Custom Nootropics

Several advantages are associated with the nootropics. Some frequently quoted advantages of the custom nootropics are as follows:

  • They work more efficiently and effectively than the singly used nootropics. As they combine two or more nootropics hence, they ensure maximum benefit by effecting various areas of the nervous system.
  • In a custom nootropic, the negative impacts of one are neutralized by the positive impacts of the other.
  • A single custom nootropic can influence memory, anxiety, concentration, focus, attention, and motivation at the same time.they have higher energy levels than an ordinary individual nootropic.

Disadvantages of Custom Nootropics

Apart from the high ranks, nootropics enjoy because of the advantages; there are certain disadvantages also. Although many people ignore these because of the greater ratio of advantages, for a careful user these cons cannot be avoided either. Some cons associated are as follows:

  • As compared to single nootropics, these custom varieties are more expensive for they need multiple nootropics.
  • It is very important to know your needs before building the custom nootropics. A stack created without knowledge can end up with negative results.
  • They can leave behind long-term implications due to stronger results.
  • Before getting a custom nootropics, it is important to learn about the proper weighting of all ingredients.


Each of the nootropics has its own implications. The usage varies from person to person as every individual has his own needs and requirements. The custom nootropics are created according to these varying physical and mental requirements. Considering this, a combo of nootropics is created that works together to give your mental health a multiplied boosting.  It is possible only through the custom nootropics that the maximum benefits of each are enjoyed. Considering the negative implications, it is important to look into each and every aspect of the nootropic element to be included in the customized nootropic combination.