What are Nootropics?

NOOTROPIC is an umbrella term that covers many chemicals under this. Some of these chemicals are manmade whereas some naturally occur. These are called smart drugs and cognitive enhancers. These supplements are used to improve cognitive function, particularly boost memory and improve concentration, creativity, motivation and other executive functions of individual bodies. This helps in increasing ability to learn, helps the brain to function under critical conditions such as hypoxia (low oxygen),protects the brain from physical and chemical assaults such as anticholinergic drugs and barbiturates.  We have found top 10 natural nootropics which are discussed in detail below:

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This is also called as Chinese caterpillar mushroom which has innumerable benefits to brain health.  This has been used as a brain tonic in India, China, and Tibet for centuries because it has the ability to increase mental energy and focus of human brain which has made it popular in the western countries too these days. Its major benefits include an increase in immune power, have anti-aging effects, improves stamina and athletic performance, fight diabetes, improves liver function and detoxification and also fight with the respiratory infections.


This is crucial for the metabolism of the body that turns food efficiently into energy in the body. It acts as an agent in creating neurotransmitters in the brain and assists them in working efficiently. It has a major role in transforming proteins, carbohydrates, and fats found in the body into usable energy. This also protects human brain against excessive age-related tissue damages. It also manages the glycogen held in muscles and liver of the human body for further use as energy when required by the body.


This natural nootropic is derived from green microalgae. It is a great source of antioxidants and choline.  choline is prime for boosting and supporting brain activity. It travels freely throughout the body and resides in the brain. It also promoted healthy hair and skin and prevents memory loss. It boosts focus and learning abilities of the brain. Although our body produces choline from our diets, it does not meet our daily body requirement. Lack of choline results in brain fog distracted and scattered focus and learning stagnation.


It is a very effective antioxidant and a natural nootropic for brain health. It helps in creating energy in the mitochondria which transfer the energy to the other parts of the body. Our body produces this, but it decreases its production as the age increases. This is recommended to the patients of older age to help them to regenerate their cells and increase mental energy.


This is found in high concentration in brain cell membranes. It acts as a gatekeeper and regulates the flow of nutrients and waste products out of brain cells and protecting them from toxins . it helps in reducing  the wear and tear of stress along with supports memory, learning and concentration and is very helpful for attention problems. It is extracted from soy lecithin, but the quality of sunflower lecithin is quite better than this.


It is one of the most important minerals our body requires on a daily basis. Omega 3s are generally found in fish because of which fish is called as BRAIN FOOD. It acts as a prime agent in structuring and assisting brain functions especially in the regions of memory, creativity, language, attention and emotions regulations. Unfortunately, people all around the world are found in a deficiency in omega 3s.


It is a type of amino acid that helps in assisting numerous hormones in the body and neurotransmitters. Increase supply of the main hormones to the brain helps in reducing anxiety and overall stress, decrease fatigue, increase memory function and enhance focus in extreme distracting situations. It helps in managing main hormones such as  NOREPINEPHRINE, and EPINEPHRINE. These two hormones help in fighting in case of extreme stress , panic  or life-threatening situations that happen suddenly. L-tyrosine helps in keeping one alert and awake.


It has been a part of Chinese medicines for thousands of years . this natural nootropic has been used to improve and support mental clarity, boost libido and improve blood and oxygen circulation. It consists of amazing antioxidants that travel throughout the body freely and destroy free radicals that impair circulation and damage some organs of the body. When these free radicals are destroyed, there is an easy circulation of blood and oxygen in the body that helps in making muscles more responsive and helps in reducing muscle cramping and reduce pain in the muscles that enhances the energy. It also helps in assisting serotonin and acetylcholine. Balanced serotonin helps in fighting anxiety and supports mood. Acetylcholine helps in boosting short-term memory and increases focus and learning abilities. This is one of the most popular herbal natural nootropic widely used all around the world. It is best as a cognitive enhancer and balancing brain chemicals.


It is an extract from the Brahmi plant. It Is used for many purposes such as treatment for Alzheimer and reducing anxiety. It is also very effective in improving memory and hand-eye coordination. It also helps in reducing insomnia and concentration issues very effectively.


It is an important mineral for proper body functions. It helps in enhancing the mood and works as a stress reliever. it can be naturally sourced from high protein foods such as dairy, meat, seafood, chickpeas, quinoa and chia seeds. This is absorbed by the body and then broken by the liver and becomes 5 HTP (HYDROXYTRYPTOPHAN). 5 HTP then acts as a neurotransmitter. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and regulates our sleeping patterns.