Are you looking to improve your cognitive performance? Perhaps you need further focus and productivity. Well, look no further, for Nootropics are the most prominent solution going. We’ve interviewed two significant users of Nootropics, and are prepared to share with you exactly what they said.
Nootropics are an interesting new substance group, for many claim they are miracle like. It’s true that they can make you feel incredibly, and boost your previously modest capabilities to newfound proportions, but that’s only accurate when they work. When they unfortunately do not work, you risk headaches, exhaustion, and insomnia. So are Nootropics really worth it?

Why do people start taking Nootropics?

The reasons as to why people being start using Nootropics vary significantly. However, each of them have one thing in common. People try to solve a problem they fall victim too. For example, you initially began University, and your GPA was terrible. You had trouble sleeping, yet also couldn’t stay awake. When you began using Nootropics, you got healthier. Your GPA rose significantly, and you are now very successful.Or you was interested in transhumanism. The idea that humans can be better is one that stuck with him. Using Nootropics is your way of building up what his mind can actually do.

Nootropics compared to other cognitive boosters?


Nootropics should always come second to a healthy lifestyle. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy, and getting daily exercise are all incredibly important. Nootropics won’t do what you want them to do unless you pair them with a healthy lifestyle.

What to be aware of when starting Nootropics?

You must always be aware of proper dosage amounts. If you take too much, you risk overdosing. With powdered substances, such as caffeine, the lethal dose is incredibly low. Do not experiment with substances without knowing the exact dosage you need. Be proactive.

What is the best Nootropic for a beginner to try?

For beginners, the best Nootropic would certainly be L-Theanine, or Modafinil. Both substances are known to increase productivity and overall cognitive performance. Side effects are virtually non existent, provided you take the proper dosage.

Biggest mistakes beginners make when taking Nootropics?

The biggest mistake beginners make is giving up. Because everyone is so incredibly different, not every substance will work the way you want it to do on you personally. Trial and error is your friend, don’t shun him.

Caffeine & Theanine


This combination is perhaps one of the most popular Nootropics on the market. This is because these Nootropics are very well studied, and are extremely safe. Many recommend taking this combination as a beginner.

This particular combination is known to produce a feeling of calmness, without the sedative effect that many similar supplements provide. Also, that calming effect is known to neutralize the jitters and anxiety that caffeine commonly creates. It’s important to note that Theanine will not neutralize the energizing aspect of caffeine.

When considering dosage, many take the combination in a 1:2 ratio. 100 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of theanine.


This particular Nootropic is one that many don’t initially know about, however, it’s one that’s naturally occuring in the body. Melatonin is the primary hormone in your brain that regulates sleep. When you experience fits of insomnia, it’s most likely a Melatonin imbalance. If you plan on taking Melatonin to help you sleep, try taking 1 mg half an hour to an hour before you try to sleep. 1 mg is a relatively moderate dose, yet for many it’s fairly high. Do not operate heavy machinery while taking Melatonin.


This particular Nootropic is most popular among those looking to decrease cognitive decline. For example, many elderly folks tend to take piracetam in order to prevent memory loss, wrinkles, bone break down, and tooth decay.

Looking for dosage? 1200 – 4800 mg per day are typical. Make sure you split this dosage into three sub doses, that can be taken before or after each meal.


This particular Nootropic is not a drug, but rather an essential nutrient that is naturally occuring in nature. As Choline is a nutrient, many take it as a supplement rather than a cognitive enhancer. This Nootropic is also used to treat something known as fatty liver.

Looking for dosage? Try 200 mg per day.


This particular Nootropic is one that’s gotten a bad rap lately. Being the main ingredient in cigarettes, many believe that Nicotine is horrible and only does bad things. Nicotine patches are found to be not necessarily addictive, and can actually reduce the amount of euphoria you experience when smoking.

When using Nicotine, you may experience enhanced cognitive ability, as well as an enhanced memory. You’re focus may be increased as well, and your anxiety levels will drop significantly. Some users however report that their anxiety levels spike. Side effects depend on the specific user.

Looking to get started with Nootropics?

Speak to your doctor before using any substance unfamiliar to you. If taking prescription medication, make sure you know how the two substances may interact. Speak to your doctor or general practitioner to figure this out. For significantly enhanced cognition, try Nootropics today.

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