The supplement industry is feeling the constantly growing impact of the ‘ smart drugs ’ known as Nootropics.

Components such as stimulants, adaptogens, and natural/chemicals are commonly found in nootropic powders and pills. They’re known to enhance clarity, memory, focus, and mood while neutralizing brain food. Some refer to these ‘smart drugs’ as magic pills that bolster your brain activity. These wonder-supplements possess the potency to make you feel alert without optimal sleep and morning cup of coffee.

There are varying factors on which the effectiveness of nootropics depends. Matters such as the validity of a company and its products, the machinations of your body (physiology), wants, needs, health, diet, stress levels, and consistency of product use impact how much a supplement works.

Nootropics work for certain people and not for others and sometimes carry a placebo effect.

Just because nootropics aren’t perfect cure-alls doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a shot. It simply means you need to assess why you’d try them and consider if you’re making other decisions, such as a healthy diet and proper sleep schedule, conducive to optimal wellness.

The fact is, if you’re struggling from symptoms like brain fog and fatigue, there may be other things you need to fix before trying nootropics.

Unfortunately, if you don’t take steps to rectify poor lifestyle choices, nootropics are only going to be a short-term, hollow solution. You might be reliant on coffee to wake up because you don’t get regular restful. A sedentary lifestyle hurts mental focus and energy levels, especially when coupled with a poor diet – which also leads to bad digestion – or macro/micronutrient deficiencies. High stress levels caused by personal and workplace anxiety often lead to choices that hurt your overall wellness, such as binging on alcohol, recreational drug use, and overeating.

On a whole, nootropics are only as effective as your other lifestyle choices allow. Even Dave Asprey, a renowned biohacker and purveyor of nootropics, has echoed these sentiments in the past.

The idea that nootropics are a wonder drug is misguided but seemingly prevalent in certain circles. It’s one thing to take a ‘smart drug’ to feel sharper for a big pitch at work but relying on nootropics for constant cognitive support will only let you down in the long run.

Unfortunately, modern-day lifestyles don’t seem to jive with focus and rested minds. We live in an age of distraction—computer screens are at every turn and the entire world is constantly at our fingertips. Perhaps humans in the 21st century are over-extended.

When you start making the right decisions to combat these obstacles, you’ll have the base to truly benefit from nootropics. Only with lessened stress, optimal sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise will you truly feel the actual power of ‘smart drugs’.

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