What is the Best Way to Take Nootropic Supplements?

Imagine a life with limitless energies and human powers. Sounds interesting? Nootropics can do the magic. Nootropics are the energy supplements that are used widely around the world. People from different professions used to take Nootropics on a daily basis.

The word Nootropics came from a Greek word “nous and Trepein”. Which means mind and bend relatively. Nootropics are the drugs that can bend your mind towards better focusing.  It can also boost up your motivation powers. Let’s find out how to take nootropics effectively.

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Solubility of Different Nootropics

All nootropics can be divided into 2 groups: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Many people love to take insoluble Nootropics because they are usually fat soluble.  Fat soluble drugs take extra time to eliminate from the body. This is the reason it will help you perform better for longer.

Check the table below to find out the solubility of some nootropics.



Bacopa Monnieri
Lion’s Mane
CDP Choline
Alpha GPC

Turmeric (Curcumin)
Alpha GPC

Should I Take Nootropics With Or Without Food?

Now that you are aware of the different effects of Nootropics let’s find out the right way and dose. When to take nootropics? How much should you take per serving? How many servings a day? Taking Nootropics on an empty stomach may result in anxiety or may not work well. It is important to use Nootropics 10 to 15 minutes after eating.  One of the common questions is how to blend nootropics You can take Nootropics with different other supplements without any hesitation. You can also shift your supplements timing in case of any fear. Another best way to start your Nootropics dose is to take a small dose at the start. These small doses can help you to notice different effects on your body.

There are many Nootropics that come in different forms. The different forms may include powder form, tablets or capsules. You can take any form of Nootropics as per your choice. People prefer capsules and tablets as compared to powder. You can view the benefits of different forms of nootropics in our article.

Piracetam, a well-known family member of Nootropics, came in powdered form. These are easily soluble in the water. You can simply take the desired dose (1 or 2 tbsp.). Dissolve it in the water and drink it easily. Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam are also water soluble Nootropics. These can be taken with water easily. Whereas, Aniracetam is a fat-soluble Nootropics. These cannot be easily soluble in the water and will look clumpy if used with water. The best way to have these types of insoluble Nootropics is to take it with milk.

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Can I Overdose On Nootropics?

The best nootropics dosage depends on your goals. No matter which Nootropic you prefer, using it with your physician’s advice could be a great idea. Your physician can also help in prescribing the perfect dose according to your body. Physicians also suggest their patients to avoid overdosing.

The common nootropics dosage is the table below.


Recommended Daily Dose


1200-4800 mg


300-500 mg


250-1000 mg


10-30 mg

Lion’s Mane (Yamabushitake)

500-3000 mg


500 mg


10-30 mg


1-50 mg


1000-1500 mg

Alpha GPC

300-1200 mg

Huperzine A

50-200 mcg (not mg!)


100-200 mg


1-1.5 g


600-1200 mg


10-40 mg


100-200 mg


200 mg

Magnesium threonate

200-400 mg (400 for men, 300 for women)


200-1200 mg

Nootropic Safety Issues

Now a question may arise that, is using Nootropics can be dangerous? The answer is a big No. surprisingly, using Nootropics cannot lead you to any mental and physical injuries. They are nontoxic drugs and help you in focusing different things properly.
Studies found that the Nootropics may not be dangerous for your mind and body. Nootropics do not make you addictive, and you can easily skip the dose whenever you want.
Still there are some side-effects that are commonly observed when nootropics are overdosed:

  • Headaches
  • Issues with intestinal tract
  • Insomnia or problems lassitude.

You can find out more about safety of nootropics in our next article.

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It is not so wrong to say that Nootropics are magic drugs. It is because it includes all the benefits we cannot find in any other drugs. The best part of Nootropics is that they can be used by anyone regardless of ages. You should pay precise attention to dosages, solubility and side-effects of nootropics to get the best from your smart drug!

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