Powder Nootropics?

With the increase in popularity of nootropics in the recent times, the  most often asked questions in this supplement industry is whether pills or powders are a better formulation for these nutritional supplements. Nootropics or more commonly known as “smart drugs” are said to have promising benefits like boosting memory, focus, motivation and enhance other cognitive abilities.

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These smart drugs are available in both capsules and powders. However, some supplements may come only in one form or the other due to certain factors such as stability, absorption or effectiveness. Some drugs are only effective when they come in a dry extract form, such as a pill. While others are able to carry out an effect only when they are ingested in a liquid form, which would mean the powder is best as it needs to be mixed with water, milk or juice.
Either form of the drug is effective though. Despite this, there are specific advantages and disadvantages to each of them.

Advantages of Powder Nootropics

1. Quicker than Pills

Powders are easier for the body to absorb. This means that when the drug is ingested for a targeted effect and the body needs the specific nutritional support; a powdered product delivers that support much faster than a pill. Hence with a powder nootropic, an individual might feel the effects faster than if they had taken a pill. Moreover, powder supplements can be far easier on the stomach and digestive system, avoiding any sort of inflammation, etc.

2. Make personalized stacks easily

When people want to create their own neuro-enhancer, it is difficult to use anything but powder. For an individual who wishes to target more than one cognitive function, for example, relieve anxiety, improve memory as well as reduce stress, it is convenient to buy powder nootropics that only object these particular functions rather than a pre-packaged capsule stack. These capsule stacks may have variable dosages of certain ingredients which may affect other areas as well or might not even help the individual in enhancing the desired cognitive function altogether.

3. Economical

The powder form of the drug is much cheaper because it is usually sold in bulk which is far easier on the pocket as compared to capsules. Capsules are more expensive because it costs money to cap a product. Therefore, one pays for the labor as well as some of the capsule price. Moreover, powder nootropics help save a lot of money if one plans to take multiple, say 4-5 nootropics to carry out a synergistic effect that caters all of their needs.

4. Allow Customized Dosages

Some nootropics, like piracetam, tend to work better with multiple doses taken over the day rather than just once. Powdered nootropics make it easy to scoop out amounts of the drug that suits the individual while with pills, one has no choice but to go with the amount inside of it which could either be too much or too less for that particular individual.

Disadvantages of Powder Nootropics

1. Time-consuming

Powdered nootropics need to be consumed in precise amounts that need to be measured accurately with a calibrated digital scale. This makes it a very tedious task and usually people just don’t have that much time on hand to go through with it every day. In addition, the cost of buying a calibrated scale is also added.

2. Not portable

This is one of the major set-backs of powder nootropics. For individuals who travel frequently, pills are much more portable as packing a big container of powder in a suitcase may seem a huge problem. Not only that, for multiple doses throughout the day, it seems easier to chuck in pills into the purse rather than putting small packages of powder into it which further brings up another dilemma of consuming it in public.

3. Potential for degradation

Powder nootropics may suspect deterioration due to exposure to air, humidity, sunlight or heat and therefore may lose their effects. In this regard, pills seem a better option as they usually come in bottles that are able to protect ingredients and prevent product degradation.

4. Carry an Aftertaste

Consuming powders usually have a bitter taste and leaves behind a bad aftertaste, This sometimes may be too overpowering and result in vomiting. With pills, this problem is eliminated. They are simply swallowed as it is or with some water/juice and hence no bad taste is left behind.

5. No trial purchase

Beginners usually start with fewer amounts of nootropics that allows them to experiment with them and let them see how they affect the mind and body. This lets them decide which nootropic they like before continuing with large dosages. This, however, can only be done with pills and not with powder. This is because pills are available in variably sized bottles, allowing the user to have a test try while powders always need to be purchased in bulk amounts. Due to this, buying powdered nootropics may be a waste of money if they do not work with the biochemistry of the user.

6. No Quality Control

Even though buying powder nootropics is cheaper because of its availability only in bulk amounts, It is difficult to determine whether the quality is worthwhile. Settling for the cheapest possible product may further be risky as the vendors usually sell it without any third party assurances and neither do they carry out a lab test for the product. Hence, it becomes the users’ responsibility to see if the product is genuine and a good fit for them. They may even have to research for themselves to find a reliable supplier who sells unaltered, tested products that are health-promoting.

Concluding the Topic

Although nootropic powders and capsules have a few pros and cons over each other, it is safe to say both of them have almost the same effects at enhancing cognitive abilities. Nootropic drugs are trending and are one of the most effective methods for cognitive enhancement that provides great results.