What Are Nootropics?

You may have heard the term Nootropics being used around you lately. Nootropics are quickly gaining fame for being “smart drugs” which boost cognition and don’t pose any side effects.

Nootropics are known for their ability to increase motivation, intelligence, and an increasing focus on its users. Nootropics are neuro-enhancing drugs or natural supplements which work by increasing communication between neurons and improves energy metabolism.

The most famous synthetic nootropic is Piracetam, also known as Nootropil, along with many natural nootropic supplements like fish oil, licorice, grape seed extract and many more. Nootropics have been proven to improve cognitive function with a lot of long-term benefits. Keep on reading for long-term benefits of Nootropics.

Nootropics As A Long-Term Solution

What differentiates nootropics from other cognitive affecting solutions like caffeine, Adderall, etc. These affect the cognitive functions for a short period of time. They improve focus, productivity and give maximum results but for some hours only. After that, the effects fade off.

Unlike this, nootropics have a long-term effect. Their benefits aren’t immediate, and it takes some time after the usage of nootropics to gradually increase the benefits they give off. Because of this, nootropics are a better solution for accelerated brain function, as although the results aren’t exponential and start showing benefits in the long run unlike other exponential types, it is a safer solution and improves your health in the long term.

Nootropics give compounding results. For example, if your normal brain productivity is at 50%, and you use some immediate cognitive improvement method which will increase productivity by 20%, your productivity will increase by 70% for a few hours until the effects wear off.

However, if you use nootropics, it will give you gradual increases in productivity, for example, a 5% increase per a certain period of time. With continued usage, the productivity increase would compound, and since it is a long time, although it will take some time, you will reach a 70% brain productivity which will stay in effect all the time.

What Are Nootropics?

The Neuroprotective Aspect Of Nootropics

What sets Nootropics apart from others is the fact that they offer neuroprotection. Neuroprotection is essentially a function where nootropics increase the blood flow in the brain, which leads to a prevention of cerebral damage due to a low oxygen supply. When the brain’s supply of oxygen is hindered for any reason that causes the cells in the brain to get damaged, further leading to a huge range of fatal health problems, which can be prevented by neuroprotection which nootropics contain, leading to your brain functioning healthily.

Nootropics achieve this by consisting of are anti-excitotoxic agents which are responsible for protecting brain damage. Firstly, this prevents other agents from binding themselves to brain damage and damaging them. Secondly, nootropics are also responsible for creating a balance in the body’s glutamate distribution, which prevents cell damage.

Another role nootropics are that they work on reducing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and oxidative stress basically dictates how many cells in our brain are destroyed, and with what frequency. Cholinergic nootropics contain components which work on combatting the effects of oxidative stress and therefore prevent long-term brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. And that’s not all, most nootropics have Rev-Erba agonists which are known for their regenerative properties, and they are extremely helpful in repairing cell damage as well as for creating new cells in the long run.

If that wasn’t all, nootropics also prevent a wide array of health problems such as combatting high cholesterol levels, suppressing various inflammatory problems and much more!

Improved Memory

Using nootropics helps in improving memory and memory recall. Our brain has a certain level of NGF, also known as Nerve Growth Factor, which is the component which accelerates the growth of cells. Nootropics increase NGF levels which increases the amount of cell regeneration.

For the short term memory increased NGF increases a user’s capacity of recalling things easily, whereas this increase impacts long run memory by helping its users store their memories in more vivid detail.

Nootropics also impact the creation of neural pathways, which is also known as neuroplasticity. Because of nootropics, the body generates a higher quality of neuropathways, which improve the transmission between them, leading to a faster retrieval of memories and thoughts.

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Better Focus

Do you often find yourself struggling at work because you are unable to focus on a task for the necessary time being? That can be fixed by using nootropics. Being able to focus is a combination of habitual practice as well as a brain function. It is almost impossible to align our complete attention and have a sharp mind without neurologically being in the “zone.”

The zone is essentially that position where your mind aligns with your body functions and narrows down your attention towards only the important task and hand and cuts down other distractions from our mind. That way your mind stays focused.

Nootropics help in getting and staying in that zone in the long run. The ideal mental place where an individual is the most focused is exactly between feeling overwhelmed and anxious and being bored and unchallenged. Nootropics create a balance between these two opposites and keep the user in equilibrium point in the long run so that they are more focused.

Higher Productivity

The most important reason why many people choose nootropics is that they increase an individual’s productivity. This is because of the compounding results factor of nootropics, where nootropics gradually increase productivity, but this increase stays for the long term.

This means that with long-term use of nootropics, you are able to focus more efficiently on the important tasks, memorize content easily and recall it even easier. Unlike other cognitive enhancing told, the effect isn’t short term. For example, if you are having exams, other cognitive influencers like too much caffeine would give volatile productivity results, the effects would fade off in a few hours, immediately decreasing your productivity, however, nootropics would give a constant increase in productivity.

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