What Are Nootropics?

“Nootropics” is a word given to drugs, supplements, functional foods, and nutraceuticals. They are also referred as smart drugs, cognitive, memory, and intelligence enhancers. Nootropics is basically anything that elevates the cognitive functioning. It is a special kind of drug which supposedly enhances your cerebral functions including intelligence, memory, cognition, concentration and attention levels, etc. They work in a particular manner by modifying the availability of the brain’s supply of neurochemicals which includes the enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters. This is done by either exhilarating nerve growth or by enhancing the oxygen level in the brain. In short, individual needs are met by making necessary positive changes in the brain and the nervous system.

How And When Did Nootropics Originate?

The Chinese have been doing various advancements in the field of cognitive development and in Ayurvedic medicine since hundreds of years. Nootropic was a term that became popular in the year 1972 by Dr. Corneliu Giurega. He derived the term from the Greek word noums which means the mind and trepin which means to bend. He was a Roman scientist and was closely linked with the work related to the synthesis of piracetam. Piracetam was the first man-made nootropic which was synthesized in 1964 and is one of the most eminent and popular nootropics till date.

A Common Misconception - Cognitive Enhancers Vs Nootropics?

People usually tend to get confused between a nootropic and a cognitive enhancer. For instance, caffeine and caffeine-related products are referred as a nootropic, but they actually are just cognitive enhancers. It is true that caffeine elevates the cognitive function significantly, but this is always short-lived as the impact of caffeine wears off with the passage of time. There are certain instances when caffeine results in increased heart rates, palpitations, anxiety, etc. but this is experienced by individuals very rarely. The most distinguishing factor between a nootropic and a cognitive enhancer is that the cognitive enhancer has a tolerance. Having a tolerance means that the impact of a cognitive enhancer decreases with time and it becomes less effective with constant use this is not the case with a nootropic. A nootropic stays effective and does its job regardless of how often or how seldom you use it according to Dr. Guirega.

Puzzle in the brain
Structure of peptides

Does A Nootropic Peptide Work?

In order to understand the working of a nootropic peptide, it is essential to know what is a peptide. The literal definition of a peptide usually available in most books and the internet is that it is a compound that consists of two or more than two amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid is joined to the amino group of the next by a bond the type –OC-NH. That just got a little too intense, didn’t it?
Let me simplify things for you.
Basically, a nootropic peptide is a constantly evolving aspect of supplements that are all involved with peptides with one way or the other. This is a particular type of nootropic that specifically targets the work of the brain receptors and tries to improve it. They also aim to improve the neurotransmitters- this positively impacts a number of brain functions which includes learning capabilities, reflexes, critical thinking, perception on various topics and coping with negative thinking.

Availability Of Peptide Nootropics - Where To Find Them?

The availability of peptide nootropics in the market is currently not very high, but developments are being done in this field in full swing. There are a lot of advancements in the new strains, and the progress is exceptional and thus is referred as a very exciting aspect for nootropics.

At the current time, Russia is the biggest manufacturer of nootropics in the world. The most widely known and appreciated supplement in this field is referred as the ‘Noopept’ which is made in Russia and is a derivative of a peptide. Noopept is noted to be around thousand times more effective and more powerful than the Piracetam. The diffusion level of noopept is very fast, and it penetrates in the blood-brain barrier.

This means that a small amount of the peptide nootropic, noopept can help the users get impressive results and is thus considered as the most potent nootropic in the market.

It’s incredible safety, and an excellent value for money are two contributing factors to its increasing popularity. Noopept works by stimulating the AMPA and NDMA receptors, which release glutamate, in addition to the ACH receptors, which regulate levels of acetylcholine in the brain. In this respect, it works in a similar way to racetams and ampakines. Additionally, Noopept encourages the release of nerve growth factor, a protein essential to the growth and maintenance of nerve cells and neurons.

Semax and Cerebrolysin are two other popular peptide nootropics. The major drawback of these two peptide nootropics is that they either have to take nasally or injected which is seen as a hindrance for most users and a lot of them avoid these methods.

Benefits And Effects

  • Memory and learning: One of the most important and emphasized advantages of a peptide nootropic is that it can elevate the memory and enhance the learning process. Peptide nootropics facilitate efficient management of numerous forms of stimuli as they are processed by the brain that results in better memory recognition and retrieval. It also helps you in remembering and digesting a much larger amount of information.
  • Elevated levels of NGF: Nerve growth factor is a special kind of protein present in the body which is associated with growth, orderliness and the survival of the nerves cell which also includes our brain cells. Nerve growth factor also plays a vital role in maintaining our ability to make new cells. Peptide nootropics increase the NGF levels in the brain which improves the overall mental capabilities of the areas of cognitive functioning.
  • Neuroprotective properties: There are numerous studies which have proven that peptide nootropics have high neuroprotective properties. They protect patients and other users against oxidative damages in the human brain. Thus, whoever is facing cognitive impairment can easily cope and prevent any further damage by taking a dosage of any peptide nootropics.

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