If you’ve heard of something called Nootropics in the past couple of months, you’re not alone. The brain supplements are taking the world by storm, and frankly for good reason. Large percentages of the population are taking Nootropics in order to increase their cognitive abilities. A brain boost in a sense. Many report that their memory is improved significantly, their ability to process information is sped up, and their focus and concentration levels are skyrocketing. A shocking discovery however, shows that Nootropics may be able to improve your vision. Yes, you read that right. Tired of those contacts or old eye glasses? Looks like you may have some more options! Now, don’t go throwing out your eye glasses just yet, for what I’m going to say next is an even bigger shock than the previous surprise. We don’t know how any of this works just yet! Well, not specifically anyway. Articles across the web claim that neurotransmissions are benefitted, or serotonin levels may be increased, but frankly that’s all stemming from various biological hypotheses. What we do know however, is what they can do for you. Fortunately for everyone interested, we’ve put together an incredibly in depth guide to get you going.

In modern day society, Nootropics are deemed to be worth more than gold to some. After all, if you can’t focus in our incredibly fast paced world, you’ll be eaten alive by everyone else who can. If you’ve heard of Nootropics, and are interested, this guide is for you. If you haven’t heard of Nootropics, but want that promising cognitive boost, this guide will serve you well.

Just to get it out of the way early, it’s important to note that a doctor’s advice is worth more than anything I, or other influencers will tell you. If you’re taking prescription medication, speak to your doctor or a trusted pharmacist in order to gather information on how the two substances may react. It may also not be a good idea to mix Nootropics with any sort of illegal substance, such as Cocaine, Heroin, and LSD. Be proactive and speak to your doctor before taking any new mind altering drug.

    So what exactly are these Nootropics?

    The word “Nootropic” is an umbrella term for a type of drug that has certain benefits. For a drug to fall under this umbrella term, it must accomplish the following tasks.

      • Your memory must be enhanced in regards to all aspects. This means free recall memories, short term memories, and long term memories.
      • Your learning ability must be benefitted.
      • Act as a shield for your brain. Meaning, the drug most protect your mind from barbiturates and similar entities.
      • Neuron firing mechanisms must be benefitted.
      • No side effects.
    • Very low levels of toxicity (if any).

    It’s important to note that the above requirements are applicable towards the umbrella term in a professional and scientific sense. Although not technically following the above requirements, many consider Nootropics to be the following.

    • Concentration improvement
    • Memory improvement

    It’s important to note that these requirements classify things like Adderall and even caffeine as Nootropics. After all, they accomplish those two requirements.

    Why are these Nootropics so important in today’s society?

    A vital comparison to make when discussing the importance of Nootropics, is to compare modern life to that of the ancient times. In the ancient times, Ancient Greece or Rome for example, there wasn’t such a high emphasis on concentration. They didn’t have massive amounts of information thrown at them from every angle. Your cognitive functions weren’t as important as your physical abilities for example.

    Now, think of today. Chances are you’ve been distracted by a notification while reading this article. Perhaps you’ve even got a call, or are now distracted by something on your TV. People in the ancient times would be so overwhelmed by this that they wouldn’t be able to function at all. Frankly, they didn’t have to worry about that, but we do. We need to be able to take in all of that information, process it, and even remember it. Unfortunately, a lot of us just aren’t able to do that. This is why Nootropics are so important. They allow us to succeed in a society that’s already so hard to succeed in. Everyone’s competing, so why not give yourself the advantage, and use Nootropics today!

    Where did they come from? What’s the history behind them?

    A discovery in the early 1960s was one that forever changed the repercussion that followed air travel, water travel, and even by vehicle. The very first Nootropic was one that essentially cured motion sickness, and is still used to this day. The Nootropic was and still is called Piracetam. Piracetam at the time was not classified among other drugs, but rather stood alone. Known only for its motion sickness relief effects. However, in 1971, scientists decided to examine just what the drug could actually do. Turns out, it also has memory and focus enhancing effects.

    Research was primarily done by a Romanian Chemist, however, the Soviet Union actually did a lot of research before they fell. From this research stemmed a new substance category, completely separate from racetams. This category is known as adaptogens. These are Nootropics that not only boost your focus levels, but increase your ability to manage high levels of stress.

    Following the discovery, the class of Nootropics called racetams was discovered. With similar effects as Piracetam found throughout the class, the Nootropic journey had begun. Never before had such an accessible substance been able to perform a cognitive boost so well.

    Now that scientists knew how to classify these substances, they were able to spot them all throughout history, and even began to use them as the ancient civilizations did. Native Americans used to enhance their mood and ability to socialize using what’s called peyote. Peyote is known to have hallucinogenic properties, which to the ancient people, was a doorway to a spiritual realm.

    Green tea and ashwagandha were used all throughout history, and still are to this day. They were taken orally, either chewed or by being ingested through tea.

    Up until this point, the public wasn’t all that aware of Nootropics. Governments across the world, especially the United States, had foggy supplement regulations that contradicted themselves so much that the entire field was foreign to most. This was the norm until the Soviet Union fell. When the power fell, endless amounts of research that had been conducted by the Soviet Union was released to the public. Following, the US updated their supplement/drug regulations, and the information was received nearly country wide.

    Nootropics are classified by law as two groups. Nootropic drugs and Nootropic dietary supplements. Nootropic drugs require government regulation, where as Nootropic dietary supplements are merely categorized as a form of food, and can therefore be purchased easily without any government interference.

    So how do Nootropics boost vision?

    VISION 2
    When discussing this effect of Nootropics, one must consider several possibilities. Remember, the source behind the benefits isn’t necessarily proven, so all theories are incredibly relevant.

    1. When taking a Nootropic, your mental clarity levels are nearly off the chart. You experience incredible focus and concentration, as well as an incredible ability to process complex information. Many believe that poor eyesight can be related to a poor ability to actually process what you’re seeing, rather than misguided light receptors. When on Nootropics, your ability to process information will allow for you to see better in a sense. You’re far more likely to actually understand what you are seeing far faster than when not on Nootropics, and therefore boosts your vision. 
    2. Another popular theory, is that certain types of Nootropics actually increase blood flow. This means blood flow to your optic nerves will be incredibly boosted, and therefore your eyes will function on a level superior to anything you’ve experienced prior.

    What Nootropics should I take to boost my vision?

    VISION 3As mentioned above, Nootropics have the ability to boost your vision. We’ve put together a list of the best Nootropics to take if you want to accomplish superior vision levels.


    Known to restore the body’s neural networks, and regenerate dendrites and axons, Ashwagandha is a herb that relieves the body of stress. Ashwagandha is a herb, that can be ingested either by chewing, or by brewing.


    Noopept is an interesting one on this list. It’s most known for its mood boosting capabilities, its learning benefits, as well as its logical thinking benefits. However, this is not all that the substance can do. Many, and I mean many, report that the drug allows them to see colour in ways that they had never seen before. Colours pop, and are incredibly sharp. Some even go as far as to claim their vision is incredibly vivid, and they can see things that they’d never seen before.


    When discussing piracetam, similar points as when discussing Noopept arise. Rather than actually boosting visual acuity, mental clarity is improved instead.


    Coluracetam provides the same benefits as piracetam and Noopept.

    Growing New Brain Cells

    A system called neurogenesis is what controls the growth and improvement of what are called neurons (brain cells). This process is incredibly vital to the human body, after all, the brain controls everything. Without healthy brain cells that are constantly being regenerated, your body won’t be healthy.

    Fortunately for us all, Nootropics are the much needed solution. Nootropics work to improve neurogenesis, and therefore improve everything than brain cells do. Your brain maintains levels of BDNF, which to put simply are the proteins responsible for deciding when a brain cell dies, and when another is born. Nootropics work to benefit BDNF, and therefore a healthier regeneration loop is created.

    Which Nootropics are the best for your mind?


    Resveratrol is known for its major ability of cell regeneration processing. This means that it aids in the creation of new cells, when it is healthy to do so. Researchers note that this Nootropics abilities boost memory, sleep patterns, and even the ability to process information. After all, your brain is being improved!


    This particular Nootropic is responsible for increase the durability of the cell membrane, and therefore allows for the cell to work uninterrupted by negative external factors.


    Racetams are known for their ability to improve cognitive functions all over the brain. A prime example being piracetam, as this particular Racetam helps grow neurons from precursor cells. Noopept on the other hand, increases the nerve growth factor (NGF), as well as levels of BDNF. Both of these things boost neurogenesis.

    NSI-189, a particularly unique Nootropic, has the ability to up the volume of a beings hippocampus by nearly 20 percent. Many use this in the same way as one would use an antidepressant. It’s been used to treat depression, anxiety, and even major depressive disorder (MDD).

    In terms of who uses Racetams the most, the trophy goes to people in a high stress environment. Students for example, are expected to learn and remember large amounts of information, over a long period of time. This is outrageously difficult to do, and therefore, students turn to Nootropics such as racetams. Finance workers, as well as lawyers sometimes turn to Nootropics as well, when they just cannot handle their high stress job on their own.

    Natural Nootropics

    Many people dismiss supplements such as Nootropics, simply because some of them are artificially engineered. Fortunately for those of you who do this, there are several natural options you may want to try. Vitamin B12 is a perfect example. The Vitamin is known for its ability to improve your vision, as well as boost your mental clarity. This means for concentration, more information analysis, and a boosted memory. Remember, this is all based off of a natural Nootropic!

    It may also be good to take Vitamin B12 if you feel as though you may be deficient. If you are deficient for a long period time, say a few years, your optic nerve will begin to work improperly. This of course leads to worsening eyesight. Thankfully, none of that is permanent, for if you started taking Vitamin B12 after the effects of the deficiency, you’ll see massive improvement.

    Is Vitamin B12 not doing it for you? Well, why not try some herbs?

    Ginkgo Biloba

    This particular herb is known for its glaucoma reduction capabilities, as well as macular degeneration prevention.


    Dealing with any sort of inflammation in and around your eyes? Fennel may be able to help!


    Are you getting older than you’d like? Is your eyesight failing you? Well, Saffron won’t be a permanent solution, but it will delay that loss of eyesight. For more time to do what you love, try Saffron today!


    Are you struggling to see at night? Well, you may want to try Bilberries. Bilberries are known for their healthy blood circulation provoking abilities. Blood flow to the eyes will be greatly improved, and therefore your eyesight will be benefitted. Also, it is important to note that many report the ability to adapt to different light conditions far easier than before they even experienced problems seeing at night! Worth a try? I’d one hundred percent say so!


    Known as an incredibly helpful antiseptic, which prevents oxidation of your eye’s lens.

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