What Are Nootropics?

The food that we eat and the supplements which we take aim to improve our body functions and the immune system. They also ensure that the body stays healthy and free from all diseases. There are numerous foods and supplements in the world but finding one which particularly improves the brain health, functioning and the nervous system is difficult.

This is because most of the supplements that impact on the brain are referred as drugs like alcohol and marijuana. Nootropic is basically a drug supplement that is well known for its ability to affect the human brain. It is particularly difficult to explain how the nootropic works as it deals directly with the nervous system but we have tried to explain it as much as we can. Nootropics are also referred as smart drugs and they provide your brain with the extra boost it requires.

Do Nootropics Actually Work?

Nootropics are very famous nowadays, but a lot of people are still confused regarding how they work, or whether work or not. We are here to provide answers to such questions and to cast away all the confusions regarding nootropics. To begin with, we have to say that nootropics do work, they improve the efficiency of neurotransmitters in the brain and increases the functional aspect of the nervous system which is responsible for cognitive function.

Now let’s list down some of the nootropics that are actually effective.

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This is the Holy Grail supplement for making individuals feel calm and relaxed. It reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression as it is referred as a ‘downer’ in the nootropics community. GABA is also taken by a lot of people to elevate the Growth Hormones in the body naturally. It is a very powerful nootropic and has produced exceptional results over the past couple of years.


This nootropic is specifically designed to optimize the brain and its functioning totally. It preformulated using a natural nootropic stack. It consists of 11 nootropics that boost a number of cognitive functions including improved memory, greater concentration level, elevated focus, better mental performance and the overall brain efficiency. It has some ingredients like Lion’s Mane, Citicoline, Bacopa Monnieri, L-theanine, etc. It is in an easy capsule form that could be taken with water.


A nootropic that enhances the mood and cognition in an individual, and results in wakefulness.  Adrafinil is a nootropic that casts away negative mood and fatigue. It was initially created for a sleep disorder treatment but then grew popular as nootropic over the past few years especially amongst students, shift workers, and other professions which have long working hours. Adrafinil works great when there is a need for alertness while working at peak cognitive performance.


These two very common products which are quite similar. They provide a sufficient cognitive boost separately, but together they are a very powerful nootropic which gives energy, alertness and lessens symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also makes people tolerant of stress. These two components are found in tea which makes it one of the most popular drinks in the world. This combination creates a mild and a calming effect in individuals; it is also very impactful brain-state modulator that increases energy level, positive mood and alertness.


Phenylpiracetam belongs to the Piracetam family, but it is just more powerful than it. Research has shown that its power is about sixty times more. It is a complex formula but bears some very interesting properties which make it very useful and popular. The greatest quality is that it increases the tolerance level in an individual when it comes to stress and anxiety. The physical performance also gets an upheaval and the focus capabilities also largely increase. A number of people also said that they observed an increase in their memory revival and learning ability.

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Racetam and Ampakine are a part of the family of this nootropic, which means Aniracetam is way more advanced and powerful than the two mentioned earlier. It does way more than just increasing the cognitive performance of an individual as it is capable of doing much more than that. Aniracetam has properties of being an anxiolytic which is a great contributor to reduce the level of negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress level in an individual. It makes a person feel motivated and positive by providing mood enhancers and mood elevators. With so many positive emotions a person feel much calmer and composed which helps them to be more active and productive.

    It is a great nootropic for people who are suffering from social anxiety as it motivates them immensely. Not just anxiety, Aniracetam is great for any individual who is facing a mood-related It has given some phenomenal results in the past and continued to do so in the present and the future. It also increases the memory level and enhances focus; attention at the same time also brings clarity in thought. People usually say that they experience a stimulant effect when taking these supplements but this is just because they are feeling increased energy followed by a sense of relaxation.

      The above-mentioned nootropics are some of the best products on the market. They have produced phenomenal results, and a number of individuals have largely benefited from them. They significantly improve the mood, energy level, concentration span, focus, memory revival and reduce stress level. We live in an extremely competitive world where we all are in a mad race to be the best, by making these nootropics a part of our everyday life we can definitely increase our productivity and creativity.

      The best part about them is that they are very pocket-friendly and easily available in the market; they mostly have no side effects and ensure that an individual feels confident and worthy. So, hurry up and do your research regarding the nootropic which is best suited for you and get your hands on them today!

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