Before using any cognitive enhancer, it is important to have a brief introduction of it. Cognitive enhancers are the type of supplements that are used to enhance memory. They are also used to enhance focus, motivation, and clarity of mind.

They are also known as brain supplements and smart drugs. The word Nootropic actually means brain and bend in Greek. This means Nootropics can turn your mind towards the improvement. Using Nootropics can also make you learn things quickly.

Students and entrepreneurs consider Nootropics as the most effective drugs. If you also want to improve your mental powers, you must start using Nootropics. Cognitive enhancers also increase your productivity, alertness and creativity powers.

It is important to tell you that you can find the same qualities as smart drugs in natural herbs as well. Natural herbs just like mushroom and other vegetables can also work like smart drugs. A smart drug includes vitamins and amino acids in it which make it super-efficient for the brain. The smart drugs can be described by two categories. Below mentioned cognitive enhancers are all you need to improve your brain powers.

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  1. Natural herb cognitive enhancers.

  2. Amino acid cognitive enhancers.

In-Demand Cognitive Enhancers

We have made a list of different on-demand cognitive enhancers to make it easy for you to decide.

Naturally Made Cognitive Enhancers


It is one of the most popular smart drugs nowadays among students. The Ginkgo supplements can help in improving blood flow to your brain. These supplements are also very beneficial in protecting brain cells from severe damage. This is one of the anti-inflammatory supplements. You can also use Ginkgo supplements if you are suffering from anxiety and depression.


Bacopa is also the type of smart drugs. It can help in improving your learning skills. It can also improve focus and motivation among students. Using different Nootropics can also make them capable of learning quickly. It is simply the tonic for the improvement of learning, and concentration. You can also use this supplement for enhancing mood. The 300mg of dosage is effective to treat stomach problems. People may find some side effects after using it. Nausea, stomach problems and increase in urination are some of them.

American Ginseng  Supplements

These supplements are made up of American herb. These supplements can easily recover you from short-term memory disease. People reported that you could see the results of these supplements few minutes after using it.

Lion’s Mane Supplements

Lion’s mane supplements are made up of lion’s mushroom. The lion’s mane mushrooms are the most effective ways of medication in China since many years. Lion’s mane supplements are beneficial in healing and protection of nerves cells. It is also very good in the stimulation of the new nerve cells.

Amino Acid Cognitive Enhancers

Tyrosine Supplements

Some of the cognitive enhancers include amino acids in it just like Tyrosine drugs. Tyrosine drugs are helping its users in reducing insomnia and mood swings. People who are suffering from sadness are advised to use tyrosine drugs.


If you have some knowledge, you may know that L-thiamine is the compound that can be found in tea and coffee. The L-theanine supplements can increase neurotransmitters serotonin. It can also help your brain to relax and concentrate clearly.

Taurine Supplements

Taurine drugs can be used to calm your brain. It can be also very helpful in activating GABA receptors in your brain.

Amino Acid Cognitive Enhancers

If you have some knowledge, you may know that L-thiamine is the compound that can be found in tea and coffee. The L-theanine supplements can increase neurotransmitters serotonin. It can also help your brain to relax and concentrate clearly.


Taking 1-4 grams of Piracetam 2-3 times a day can be very effective for your mind. It is one of the non-toxic smart drugs. It can improve your memory and focus. The excess amount of its dosage cannot be harmful to you.


Nicotine may make you remember about cigarettes. The nicotine drugs can be taken for improving alertness in your body. You must note that the high dosage of Nicotine supplements can make you addicted to it.


Agmatine is the type of cognitive enhancers that are popular for reducing pain. It can also be referred as a painkiller. It should not be taken with creatine, citrulline, to avoid toxins.


It is a fat-soluble smart drug. It can help in reducing depression and anxiety. It can also help in remembering different things with its details even after many days. The effects of Aniracetam are equal to Piracetam.


Noopept is another cognitive enhancers that are used to enhance concentration and memory. It can also increase the capacity of learning. Students love the effects of Noopept. Noopept can also improve mood and sensory perception. Students also reported that it could also reduce anxiety and improve thinking. Noopept’s benefits are long-lasting.


It is the most effective Nootropic among all. The daily use of Phenylpiracetam can be very effective in strengthening up your stamina. The athletes can use this cognitive enhancer for improving their performance. It can also improve the signals of your brain and give you the benefit of clarity of thoughts. You can take 200 mg of the total dose daily to experience its results.


Some drugs which are causing their customers a headache are advised to use Choline. Choline bitartrate and Citi choline are some of the smart drugs with choline in it.


This is another type of smart drugs that are widely used among athletes. Using these supplements can boost your energy and mental alertness. Adrafinil declared illegal in most countries including the US.

Boswellia Serrata

It is the cognitive enhancer that is used to treat Osteoarthritis. It has anti-inflammatory qualities. A study said that it is also very beneficial in recovering from a brain tumor.


All the cognitive enhancers mentioned above may result in some side effects. It is highly recommended to take your doctor’s advice before using any smart drug. Different smart drugs work differently on human body and mind. You must use the best cognitive enhancers as per your needs and preference.

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