A majority of people are either unaware of or are hesitant to use nootropics, or sometimes known as, smart drugs to improve their mental performance. However, they are unaware of the fact that they consume a cognitive enhancer daily in the form of their morning coffee cup.

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine is not a nootropic in itself, but it is a stimulant. It is widely used in the form of tea or coffee due to its alertness and energy-enhancing effects. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, boosts energy metabolism, and increases mental and physical activity. It is consumed in energy drinks, teas, and coffee to combat drowsiness and fatigue and to increase alertness. Research also shows that caffeine supplements can promote weight loss, enhance athletic performance, and can support brain, eye, and skin health. Moderate consumption of coffee is also known to lower the risk of mortality significantly.

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Use of Caffeine with Nootropics Supplements

Caffeine is considered a nootropic and a powerful stimulant. Using caffeine with dietary nootropic supplements such as L-theanine may have synergistic benefits for increasing mental performance and alertness. Some people use caffeine as part of their nootropics stack because it enhances cognition, focus, concentration, attention, and alertness. Caffeine can have some adverse side-effects such as anxiety and feeling jittery. It might become a little harder to focus on your work that is why combining caffeine with different nootropics can enhance cognitive performance.

Caffeine is a favorite drink of writers, lawyers, programmers, and salesperson. By combining it with nootropics drugs, you can improve creativity and cognition.

Health Benefits of Caffeine

Regular intake of caffeine may protect the do paminergic nerves in the brain and may build insulin resistance in people that are overweight. During psychological stress, it may increase blood pressure and alter cardiovascular stress reactivity. It slows down the blood clotting and can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Research has found caffeine to be an effective remedy for tension and postoperative headaches and migraines.

Caffeine is also known to improve mental alertness. Various studies have proven that people who consume caffeinated products show higher cognitive capacity and increased alertness. It also helps athletes by giving them a boost both physically and mentally, thus making it easier to achieve their athletic goals. Caffeine can also stimulate weight loss thus helping people who are obese. Regular intake of caffeine also reduces the risk of developing type two diabetes. It is possibly effective for diseases such as asthma, poor memory, Parkinson’s disease, hypotension, and pain.

Caffeine with L-Theanine

Caffeine is present in cocoa, coffee, and tea while Theanine is found in green tea. Combining them together can produce some amazing results. Caffeine improves focus and attention but can cause feelings of anxiety while L-Theanine is a relaxant that can reduce blood pressure and heart rate. It promotes brain waves to provide balance to avoid jitters. By combing these two, a person can work better without feeling headaches, anxiety, and crashes, achieve more success and be more creative. By taking both of these together, a person can perform better than taking one of these alone. A study proves that taking caffeine with L-Theanine can improve attention more than taking caffeine alone. This combination improves performance on cognitively demanding tasks. A number of studies have been done on this combination proving it to be completely safe. L-Theanine is a great nootropic that can improve your brain health drastically. It has shown great anxiety benefits in children who have ADHD. It greatly helped hyperactive kids to achieve better and more sleep. It makes adults complete their work effortlessly. When combined with caffeine it causes an increase in alpha brain waves thus promoting creative, relaxed, and stress-free thinking.

The proper ratio between caffeine and L-Theanine must be 1:2 with one part caffeine and two parts L-Theanine. This ratio is best for improving alertness and concentration while combating the jitters and negative side-effects. Unlike other nootropics, the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine is not an expensive one, but its advantages can help to achieve more success and mental performance.

Caffeine is a favorite drink of writers, lawyers, programmers, and salesperson. By combining it with nootropics drugs, you can improve creativity and cognition.

Modafinil with Caffeine

Modafinil is not particularly energizing as it takes time to take effect but combining it with caffeine can produce some great results. The cognitive enhancing effect of Armodafinil in this combination may prove too much for some people and may cause paranoia that is why it is important for them to lower the dosage.


Combining this nootropic with caffeine may not give the desired results. These two do not complement each other because the energizing effect of Piracetam is more accurate than that of coffee. You can add a relaxing agent like L-Theanine to make it a more productive combination.


Combining Aniracetam with caffeine can greatly increase the cognitive function and mental alertness of the brain.


Caballo together with caffeine produces a discipline promoting mixture which helps increase mental alertness and concentration. Caballo is a pharmaceutical grade racetam which when combined with caffeine can help achieve mental goals easily and quickly.


Caffeine with Ciltep can leave you feeling more energized and mentally alert. Too much caffeine can make you feel jittery but combining it with Ciltep does not affect your body but only increases the mental capabilities.


Phenylpiracetam helps to build concentration and focus. It can enhance cognitive function when combined with caffeine.

Phe nibut

If you add caffeine to Phe nibut, you may not be able to sleep the whole night because combining these two will result in extreme stimulation.

Caffeine is a known natural stimulant that has been around for many years. It is well-known for increasing mental alertness and concentration. It has neuroprotective properties which prevent Parkinson’s disease in regular caffeine drinkers. It also protects against memory deterioration diseases such as Alzheimer’s. When it is combined with nootropics drugs, it can improve mental performance of people, irrespective of age.