Do you ever just stop to think: ‘what are ‘Humans’?’ Well, a dictionary definition is something that’s a part of the species Homo sapiens. Though we may be very different from actual animals, we are in fact one of them, we are categorized as mammals.

As Humans, What do we starve to do?

So for course, humanity acts on its’ animal nature going about; eating, breeding/being intmind and being on top/being dominant. Don’t take it personally, it’s just true that people usually has the same 3 ultimate goals, either to falling in love and having a family, having money/ being an owner with people working for you, or making sure there’s food nearby 24/7 and constantly eat from that pile. Simply, human are nothing more than an animal driven these three basic instincts listed.

It’s difficult to admit it, some people may denlie this since it’s hard to believe but most outstanding individuals try to move civilization forward, were pushed to do so by mere animal instincts

What makes us different then? Isn’t obvious? Technology is present in everything a person does on a day to day basis. It’s really a small thing we take for granted, we use it and really it improves everything we do and helps us achieve our goals or ‘instincts’. Something as simple, and becoming more and more needed in life has overcome us and sadly, became needed to go through a day.

This is life as a human, people that go about based on instinct to do what they want.

Why do we do it then?

HumanIf day in and day out, all we do is driven by basic instincts, which gives happiness and pleasure, people really only get a taste of what life has. Everyone enjoys not having to do anything and just live life slow and steady. Why not work for that and do everything for that? Use ‘logic’ and your brain and take everything slowly and best for your life experience.

Most of the time people forget to stop and just watch the world around them. Here’s a tip: what goes around in your life at the pace you want since it’s your body.

What not to do

When your body is unhealthy, it’s pretty obvious. You look pale, your energy is almost non-existent and you’re a dead man. Similar to an old car with rust, no gas and loud, most likely going to break down every couple miles. When you have a healthy body, you’re happier, full energy- almost sprinkling with a new life. Like a brand new dream car heading straight for your future.

Think About This

Imagine your new view on things around you, you’re life. Doesn’t matter how old are you, you are at the peak of life, happy and content. Life is yours and you shouldn’t forget a moment.

Change how you think about life.

People everywhere live a life far from natural, modern way of life is just sitting around on your butts on the couch, watching T.V., unable to get up and achieve anything, any form of achievements. Use what you have to help you.

The Future

Start being preparing for what you want to achieve; look for someone that you connect with, learn and go to school to grow your knowledge, go out and do the unexpected.

It’s all about making the right choices and how you go about it. Either forward in your family’s footsteps, the ones that are held back by being an older generation in a newer age , or make your own path, do what you want to do.

Think about it like this, if everything depends on you and your health, why not use a small fraction of it for the better? To do something that will get you a result you want and your happy with. Life is like a car race: whoever is better will be most likely the winner. It’s hard to beat a Lamborghini with only a common bike.

Use your body as your tool for a better life. It’s your life, live at what pace you want and do whatever you want or dream to do.