Staying awake after a sleepless night is a lot of struggle. However, it is not something that is impossible. We can achieve our goal of staying fresh the other day if we had to stay awake for a night the day before. Less sleep gives rise to blood pressure, is a major cause of increasing stress in an individual but there are a few ways to keep all these things under control. By keeping few things in mind, you are sure to find the way that suits you the most to get rid of the sleepy routine after an all-nighter. In this article, I have shared some valuable bits of info that have proved to give good results for many people who tried them.

Some points discussed below can help you get over a sleepless night if you follow them with faith in yourself and your capabilities to get through all situations.

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Drink Enough Water

Water is a lifesaver. It does miracles to our body and is a relatively inexpensive way of keeping your body awake after surviving an all-nighter. As you have stayed awake the whole night, your body must have used more water than it actually does. To restore those reserves of water that are essential to have a healthy life. It is important to keep yourself hydrated.

Adding electrolytes to the regular water is like a cherry on the top because they immediately work in the body while bringing back the essential salts required for the proper functioning of your mind and body.

Get Your Dose of Caffeine


Having a cup of coffee after a sleepless night may increase the chances of giving you a fresh look. Caffeine contains compounds that instantly react in the body and charge all the cells that are feeling dull due to the lack of sleep you have had. To keep yourself active and energetic for the whole day ahead, make sure to gulp a cup of your favorite coffee.

Improvise Your Diet

Study carefully about the pros and cons of the diet that you take. The diet you consume has an impact on how well your day will go. The tips to improve your diet in the correct way are:

  1. Add protein

Protein is a good alternative to get rid of sleep. It contains a neurotransmitter known as orexin that keeps way the drowsiness and the inappropriate feelings that give you a sign that you are feeling sleepy.

  1. Have low glycemic starch

Another tip that drives away all the sleep is that you opt to consume proteins that have low glycemic starch in them. A common example is white rice that is rich in glycemic starch and gets you to go to bed earlier if you eat them. On the other hand, vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams, and carrots are sure to save your day as they have a low index of glycemic starch in them.

  1. Try brain octane oil

After going through a long night without having time to sleep. Your body is unable to function properly due to the lack of nutrients. In this case, having brain octane oil can give a boost to your body and regulate the functions of ketosis that are affected due to the lack of sleep.

Keep a Check on Your Gut Bacteria

Most of us are unaware of the fact that the gut bacteria in your body get affected when the circadian rhythm is disturbed. They release more toxins, which make you feel more disgusted and tired. You can take 1000 mg of activated charcoal to the gut bacteria out of your body without causing any harm.

Have Modafinil to Get Rid of Fatigue

Modafinil is an effective drug that improves the functioning of the body’s cognitive parts. It is technically a waking up combination having the quality of being non-addictive, this adds up to its efficiency and workability. It enhances your mood, which is in a bad state because of the sleepless night you have experienced. The recommended dosage for an adult id 30-50 mg of Modafinil, which keeps working for a span of 6-8 hours. You can take it in the morning. It is better to consult with your doctor and be aware of the proper usage, which suits the purpose you want to use it.


Get Supplements for Your Body

  1. Take bio-identical cortisol

Another trick to stay wide awake after an all-nighter is to take a little amount of bio-identical cortisol, which is also known as Cortef. You can take it from 2.5 to 5 mg according to the requirements of your body. It is advisable to get a prescription from your healthcare practitioner so that you know the correct dose and time for the intake of the drug. You can have it in the middle of the night, early in the morning or the following day after having a sleepless night. If you do not have the prescription, you can use adaptogenic herbs and adrenal glandular to get rid of the stress too.

  1. Feed your mitochondria

Talking about taking supplements, I can never get rid of the stress after an all-nighter without taking pills, which work to benefit the mitochondrial functions and enhance your overall health. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells and play an essential part to keep your body running smoothly. The supplements help you to recover immediately from the nasty symptoms of an inadequate sleep.

Sunlight Also Helps

To keep yourself awake and alert, a natural remedy is to get out in the sun and let the sunlight do its magic. It regulates the levels of melatonin in the body and the body’s systems that go in a state of rest due to the insufficient amount of sleep. If it is not possible to be exposed to sunlight for any reason, you can get the similar results by sitting under a 500-watt halogen bulb to recover the rhythms of your body and set them afresh to lead a nice day ahead.

Keep Your Body Moving


Getting out for a morning walk and opting for a brisk walk is one of the healthiest ways to start a new day. Also moving your body for some light exercise can aid in lifting up the draining energy that is not letting you recover from an all-nighter. It maintains your body temperatures that have declined because of staying up all night. However, it is important to keep yourself from indulging in strenuous activities, which will increase the levels of stress in the body.

Go to Sleep Early

You might wish to throw yourself to bed and get a nap following an all-nighter, but to be honest, it is the worst decision to make, and you will wake up being groggier and tired. The better idea is to go to bed early the next day. If you usually go to bed by 11 pm! How about going to sleep by 9 pm that day. It will give you guaranteed success.

In addition, it will be great if you control the intensity of you have aimed to maintain the circadian rhythms of your body, and all the bright lights will disturb your routine.

The Final Verdict

Having suffered from an all-nighter is a bad experience if you have to stay active the following day. This article shall serve your needs and will help you to get out of this situation and tackle it in a genius way.