Here’s the answer to the most desired question for a lot of skinny guys!

How come I try my hardest in the gym, put hundreds of hours and push myself to the max, yet some other guys out there, drinking to their heart’s content, look bigger than me?

I’ve taken it upon myself to list everything you need to know to improve yourself, making it possible to get that high quality body crafted by the Gods, all for yourself! Of course there’s are exceptions to anyone with impossible, perfect genetics.

How to Tell if You’re on the Right Path to Improve Yourself

What not to Do

Taking drugs or supplements like steroids and housing tons of food down won’t do anything to your health and will in general make you feel and look terrible.

What you should do

NootropicsYou eat what you like what- are your own pace, work out regularly, don’t constantly follow a guide about what and when to do things and be yourself while being healthy and taking care of you like you should.

  1. If you’re not happy with your body but wanting to get ripped to the max, you won’t get there sitting around doing nothing about it! Find the issue and try to tackle it, overcoming the problem(s). These following are common problems I found and how to solve them:
  2. Are you sensitive to insulin? When it’s high, that usually means your metabolism is superb, which would mean the best way to intake food and/or any form of supplements.
  3. Your endocrine profile. If you do know, endocrine has to deal with hormones, and hormones are big in growing and just your body in general.  If yours happens to be like a woman, you would most likely be low on energy, not doing much, exercising and all.
  4. Hope you have that ideal GI tract and a nice blood flow throughout your body. You can be very ideal and perfect; you can take in the insulin, your endocrine profile is great as well as the GI tract but has terrible blood flow, everything that was perfect doesn’t mean a thing now. The reason being is that nice blood flow means hormones and nutrients are flowing through to where they should be in your body, increasing your all-around body’s efficiency.
  5. When you regularly go to the gym, you happen to come across people doing heavy weights, going crazy hardcore in their workouts. However, karma will come back at those who pushed their limits,usually the following day they are complaining and can barely move at all. When you work out an area, the weights strengthen the area but also get dispersed to your whole body, straining your being. All  stress is an easy way to just lead yourself to be hurt and injured. You don’t need high weights or going to the gym all the time to work on a better neuromuscular junction. Weights aren’t for everyone.
  6. Our bodies are what we go about and life in this world, however if you aren’t careful, they can shut down and stop, aiming for good health. When our internal organs get out of sync, the energy there will go to the issue and try to finish it off, leaving muscles behind.
  7. Use your brain and know what you should and shouldn’t do, eat and stress. Your body is your own and you only get one so try to treat it carefully. Everything you do to it can either be for the better or the worst, don’t stress it and work at your own pace, watch and read professional guides for motivation  and don’ts.
  8. NootropicsWatch what you put in your body as well. Your body turns food into nutrition, which breaks down and gives us energy and everything you need to make you go! Don’t go about eating junk like beer and pizza every chance you get. It makes you feel horrible and won’t do anything to help you.
  9. Look for the right supplements, there are good supplements to take that will increase your efficiency, making you feel great. They’re not going to make every problem disappear, but they do help. The issue is that there are people out there claiming they have sporting/workout nutrition supplements, which don’t work and are useless, no matter who you are.

Say I don’t die from this stupid experiment, I won’t be here writing this, I will get a book from myself from the future on “How to go from being a nobody loser to the best person out there!”

If you wanted to know how to get anything or anywhere in life, with yourself or anything, it would save time and use it wisely.