Maintaining a healthy lifestyle nowadays is gaining popularity as every individual wants to keep them fit and healthy. Going to the gym, doing aerobics and yoga are some of the key practices that people indulge in order to keep themselves healthy. However, other than having a healthy body it is extremely important that one should have a healthy brain as well.

Increase pressure at workplaces, schools, and colleges are getting on everyone keeping them under undue pressure all the time which in return provides you with an unhealthy brain. In order to enhance the functionality of brains, there are smart drugs available that help people enhance their cognitive abilities.

These smart drugs are now gaining popularity as they help people unlock their true brain, which had not been possible previously. Smart drugs are quite popular amongst college students as it helps them in improving their memory, creativity, and cognitive abilities.

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There are hundreds of thousands of smart drugs that are currently available all over the world, but some of the smart drugs are simply those which people cannot avoid. These smart drugs are now becoming a part of an individual’s life and are being used on a regular basis. We have found some of the smart drugs that you can’t live without and some of those drugs are mentioned below.


Adderall is one of the most common types of smart drugs that are being used by either student of a high school or by people who have really pressure jobs, and they need to stay focused and alert all the time. This smart drug serves the central nervous system and helps increase the attention of a person on the work that is being done.

Not only this, this particular smart drug increases the short-term memory of a person and motivates them to do the work or task that has been assigned. However, not everything that you see is gold. There are cons of this smart drug which includes an increase in anxiety and stress. As the drug is extremely addictive, it can cause people stress if they are not able to find the drug and they will need it to maintain their complete focus and attention.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is another drug that is being used to calm down the anxiety in a person and increase their focus on the particular job or task. The Indian origin smart drug has been made in a way that it helps your brain to adopt the stress levels that you are working on, thus eliminating all the stress that arises due to those levels.

Not only thus this smart drug helps in cutting down the anxiety levels, but it also increases the memory span of adults and increasing their attention towards a particular task. However, unlike some of the other drugs that have an immediate impact on the human brain, Bacopa Monnieri takes some time to leave its mark with people getting results after using the smart drugs for four straight weeks.


Mental awareness is one of the most important things that an individual needs and Modafinil provide just that. The smart drug is used by many people as it helps them overcome sleeping disorders like narcolepsy and is considered to be one of the most sought smart drug wakefulness. Modafinil not only helps people with mental wakefulness but it also helps in increasing their concentration level and focus on a particular task.

However getting your hands on Modafinil won’t be as easy as it may look like. One needs to have a prescription generally to get Modafinil otherwise there is no way you can get it. it is prescribed that one takes this particular smart drug in the morning or late night (in case you want to stay up late working on a project or assignment). However, this particular smart drug also has certain side effects which include the damaging memory of a young brain and reducing the plasticity.


Ritalin is another smart drug that is quite popular as it also serves the same purpose as of Modafinil, i.e. to overcome sleeping disorders. This particular smart drug is getting more and more common amongst children who often are diagnosed with sleeping disorders. Ritalin affects the chemicals in the brain and helps in impulse control.

Not only does this particular drug help with sleeping disorders, but it is often being used against fatigue and depression amongst people. It also improves the overall cognitive functions of the brain and can serve the purpose of helping you lose weight as well. However, this smart drug is really addictive and can cause severe addiction to people who use this drug on a regular basis.


Piracetam, just like many other smart drugs in the market, helps people to enhance their memory and concentration levels by improving the overall blood flow to the brain. People who suffer from some brain injuries or strokes often use this particular smart drug for treatment purposes. It also helps people to cut down their depression and anxiety levels by significant levels.

The major advantage that Piracetam has over other smart drugs that are available is that it has no severe side effects that can be a problem. There are side effects, but those side effects are usually short-term effects only, hence making it one of the safest bets in town.


Adrafinil is often labeled by many as the sub-drug of Modafinil as it also helps in increasing the mental awareness and concentration of the brain. This smart drug further increases the wakefulness and alertness in a person, but it does not cause any hyperactivity in the person. Use of Adrafinil can lead to an increase of Modafinil in the human body.

It is advised that if proper sleep is required by any person, then they should not opt for Adrafinil as it can damage any sleeping chances that may be the need of the hour. It is also advised that this smart drug should be taken during the afternoon or in the evening only.

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