With the increasing amount of publicity these smart cognitive enhancers are getting a lot of new questions arise such as Are they really safe? Where to buy these Nootropics from? What to look in these Nootropics? Nootropics side effects? and Difference between some famous Nootropics and their fake ones.

With everyone hitting the markets to grab ahold of these Nootropics many so-called physicians with half education have started to produce similar Nootropics, but these fake pills might have increasing side effects due to the improper composition of chemicals. If the chemical composition of these drugs increases or decreases even the slightest bit, it might have a very bad effect on its users.

What Are Nootropics And Who Is Using Them?

Nootropics are smart drugs than enhance our cognitive abilities. They are in the form of supplements, pills, powder or drinks and they improve our creativity, focus, memory, learning, and energy to help you work at a higher level and a faster pace.

They even help you stay focused and work efficiently even when you haven’t slept all day long. These pills are not only taken by CEO and office workers but also by college students who mainly use these pills to increase their memory and their ability to learn more during their exams, helping them stay focused on one activity instead of drifting apart and falling asleep.

Nootropic Side Effects

If you are buying a drug that will affect the way your mind and body works, then you should know all about the side effects that these drugs possess. Luckily general research on these Nootropics has proven that they do not have a lot of side effects apart from giving you mild headaches, gastrointestinal upset, feeling nausea and vomiting.

But you should keep in mind that the side effects of Nootropics vary from person to person, and they mainly depend on two factors

  1. Mental Condition and General Health
  2. Age Matters

Dosage and frequency also contribute to how effective these nootropics are and the safety risk they possess so do visit a doctor before ordering yourself one of these drugs.

Where To Buy Nootropics?

To know where to buy these Nootropics from is just as important as to know which Nootropics to buy. With the increasing number of online vendors on the internet claiming to sell these products it has made it difficult to grab ahold of the original nootropics.

It is very important to gauge how safe a certain Nootropic is and to know this you have to look into the feedback of the drug and know if the review is reliable or too vague.

If you are buying a powder form, then the third party testing and analysis is a very important step, and it is a good idea to get verification from another source before hitting the ‘Buy’ button.

Nutragy Nootropics

What To Look For In A Nootropic Supplier?

There are certain things you should be aware of when you are buying these smart drugs, and they are the following:

Quality Control

This is the most important factor to consider. If you are buying a drug from someone who has a history of bad quality control, then you are putting your health on the line from using this supplier. Putting your health at risk is a gamble you cannot afford, and it is important that you do proper research on the supplier before buying drugs from him.

You can do a review of their policies and view certificate of product testing as a start. It is also important to go through the experience others have had from this supplier.


The range of Nootropics the supplier carries can help you with your pick. You should have information such as how much stock your supplier has the product you require. The range and type of Nootropics can vary from a vendor to another, and you should be aware of the inventory.


This is an important factor when ordering Nootropics online and reliable vendor’s offer international shipping but with limitations, so it is a wise move to check the vendor’s site for detail regarding shipping before ordering from them.

You should spend some good time in researching about your supplier because these tablets affect your mood, memory, concentration and learning as well as your overall health so have a reliable supplier is a very crucial step towards these smart drugs.


The cost of Nootropics is very different, and there is no pricing standard. Some sellers offer great discounts for large purchases and even free shipping. Many reliable vendors provide voucher codes and discounts via online websites.

How To Spot Fake Drugs From Real Ones?

Since these drugs are taken orally and have a direct effect on our cognitive functions, it is important to be able to distinguish these products from fake ones that might harm you and your body.

The most common way to identify a fake pill is by observing the effect it has on you. If you are using the pill without any effect, What so ever then that is definitely a fake pill. These fake pills also give a small effect for a short time, so if your medicine doesn’t provide a longer effect of 2-3 hours, then you just got scammed.

You can even find out a fake pill from an original one by observing the change in the smell of your urine. An original pill makes your urine slightly unpleasant or provides you with a very strong odor.

Keep in mind that these fake pills can only be supplied by a fake vendor, so it is good to go through the reviews providing on the vendor’s website and to be able to distinguish between real reviews and fake ones.

If the reviewer’s username is suspicious, then you should not trust that review and dig deeper into the person. Find out and look for their profile photo because if they don’t have one, then they might very well confirm being a fake profile.

Also, shallow profiles with no basic relevant information, no pictures to display, no site activity or history of reviews and no record of reviewing products can help distinguish a fake review from a real one.

So be aware of fake sites and fake reviews and allow enough time to do proper information research because with the increasing demand of nootropics there are fake pills being sold which might cause harm to you in ways you do not even know about.

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