What are Nootropics?

As the use of nootropics or smart drugs is becoming common, the users want to know more and more about the nootropics. If you want to start taking the nootropics, the following article can be a real help. It includes all the questions and queries that might arise in your mind regarding nootropics. From the simple introduction to the usage, implications and the best products available, it has all the answers. If you are planning to start taking nootropics, then go through the following FAQs to make a sensible decision.

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Frequently asked questions

The Frequently Asked Question

Some common questions that likely arise in the minds of the user include:

  1. What actually nootropics are?
  2. Are they really effective way of enhancing the cognitive health?
  3. Are there other names for nootropics also?
  4. How did nootropics originate?
  5. What is the function of nootropics?
  6. What are the benefits of taking the nootropics?
  7. How much time do the nootropics take actually to start working?
  8. What should I expect from a nootropic or the smart drug?
  9. Can it be found in the drug test?
  10. How should I take a nootropic, with or without food?
  11. What are the implications of using the nootropics?
  12. How can I buy nootropics?
  13. Can I stack nootropics?
  14. What are the common types of nootropics?

The Answers

1. What actually nootropics are?

In order to improve the cognitive health and the associated mental functions, a set of drugs is introduced in the market. They act like the mental supplements that have direct implications for the mental functions like mood, learning, creativity, memory, concentration and even anxiety, these drugs are referred as a nootropic. To be more specific they are a kind of supplement that leaves an impact on a specific area of mental health. Unlike many drugs that have serious consequences, like cocaine, nootropics do not have dangerous side effects or long-term addictive implications on health.

2. Are they really effective in enhancing the cognitive health?

If you have decided to start switching to the nootropics, then there is no need to be skeptical. You can learn about the nootropics by going through the first-hand experience of several users. These nootropics can be a real miracle, depending on how vigilantly you choose one according to your needs. If you want to enjoy the best results, keep in mind that you need to know your brain chemistry. Don’t start using a nootropic because your friend found it great. Every person has his own physical and mental requirement. You might have to try few nootropics, before actually finding the right one in the stores.

3. Are there other names for nootropics also?

Nootropics are also known by several other names. The most common name is that of the Smart Drug. Besides this, it is also known as a memory enhancer, mood brighter, neutraceuticals, brain pills, study aids, boots, brain supplements and the cognitive enhancers.

4. How did word nootropics originate?

The term “nootropic” first emerged in 1972. It was initially used by a Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. It is a combination of three Greek words meaning mind, intelligence and change. These drugs were given this name because the doctor believes, these drugs leave behind positive impact upon learning and memory. They are equally good for the brain after it has met a serious accident or injury. They are an excellent shield against the disrupt learned behavior.

5. What is the function of nootropics?

Human brain functions with the help of some chemicals present inside it. As these chemicals interact with one another, the brain performs its functions properly. In the world of neurosciences, they are known as the neurotransmitters. It is these neurotransmitters that work to improve the functions of appetite, mood, pleasure, anxiety, attention, etc. The task of the nootropics is to regulate the level of these chemicals in the brain. They also work as a stimulant for the interaction among these chemicals. These alterations by the nootropics are helpful in regulating the required mental functions to an optimal level.

6. What are the benefits of taking the nootropics?

Nootropics are not used for one particular mental function. There are several reasons for using the nootropics.  People finding difficulty in learning, retaining, mood control, anxiety suppression, and uplifting cognitive performance are suggested to use the nootropics. It is an excellent remedy against many mental weaknesses. Some great changes that you might witness after using the nootropics include improvement in

  • Concentration and attention
  • Learning, memory, and retention
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Mood control
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Problem-solving

7. How should I take a nootropic, with or without food?

The administration of the nootropics varies at the individual level. It also depends on the type of nootropic being administered. Whether you take these with food or without, is of little concern. Despite this several nootropics experts are of the view that they are great when taken empty stomach. In case of some nootropics, the instructions are mentioned on the label that state that how they should be taken.

8. What are the implications of using the nootropics?

Many people have apprehensions about the side effects of the nootropics. There is very little to think about in this regard. Hardly any serious side effects are associated with the said. The early users may suffer mild headaches and to some extent a full-blown allergic reaction. These early irritabilities often disappear after some time. If your symptoms persist for a long time, it is suggested to discontinue the same and consult a medical practitioner.

9. What are the common types of nootropics?

To enjoy perfect results, it is suggested that you must opt appropriate type. Some commonly available nootropics include:

  • Racetams that are excellent for the attention, memory, mood fluctuations and anxiety control.
  • Nutraceuticals work like supplements to improve the mental health.
  • Stimulants improve the overall performance of the nervous system.
  • Cholinergic like Alpha-GPC, centrophenoxine, and DMAE have positive implications for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, leaving behind the improvement in learning, memory, and reward.


This is just a brief guideline for those who want to make the best use of their brains and nervous system, but this would be your first handbook for using the nootropics.