What Are Nootropics?

The nootropics are a class of drugs that improve mental capabilities in different ways. Pills or drugs like these are known to boost memory and enable the individuals to become more productive. Though nootropics hold much promise, yet how they work is complicated, and for some, it has remained a debate as well.

Following are the most popular extreme nootropics compounds that will be discussed to know how far they are effective or not for the body.

A heartbeat and the tablets

Caffeine and L-Theanine

These two are the common nootropics compounds that many consumers in coffee, green tea or related beverages. The ones found in green tea and coffee are in small amounts unlike other powerful nootropics does that exist in the market.

They have undergone research that supports their usage. We already do know that caffeine affects greatly by improving focus and motivation that occurs due to increase in the increase in catecholamine signaling. Its effect gets dampened over time when a person develops caffeine tolerance.

Talk about L-Theanine; it is a common amino acid that promotes neuronal health. It can decrease the flu symptoms and the incidence of cold by strengthening the immune system. According to a study published in Biological psychology, L-theanine is effective to reduce the physiological and psychological stress responses.

According to the systematic review of 11 different studies that got published in Nutrition Review journal, researchers pinned down a greater benefit. That is, they came to a conclusion that L-theanine, when used with caffeine, helps to promote attention, alertness and task switching. The effects have been seen to be more pronounced for the first two hours after the dose. The larger doses of caffeine were found to have a major effect as compared to the doses of L-theanine.

Both of the nootropics compounds are relatively safe to use for a healthy individual across different age groups. For beginners, a 100mg dose of caffeine taken with 200mg of L-theanine is recommended respectively. A combination of L-theanine and caffeine is the most common supplement stack because L-theanine can thwart the shakiness and anxiety that comes with ingesting too much of caffeine.

Choline and Piracetam

They are beneficial, but their work is still a bit complicated to prove 100 percent effectiveness.

Many of the over the counter extreme nootropics have Piracetam that is a group of synthetic stimulants meant to improve the brain function. In fact, it has been termed as Granddaddy of racetams by the medical researchers due to its many benefits. The most discussed hypothesis is that Piracetam is beneficial in boosting neuronal function that increases membrane fluidity in the brain. Although, this is not confirmed as yet.

Plenty of other studies have been conducted to state the benefits too. One study that got published in British Journal of Pharmacology suggests that the brain function of the older patients can improve immensely if Piracetam dose is regularly given. Then, in another study that got published in Psychopharmacology Journal revealed that adult volunteers had experienced a boost in memory after taking Piracetam.

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Lastly, one study published in Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology that Piracetam proved to be effective in treating dyslexia in patients. Such patients were able to improve their non-verbal learning skills, reading comprehension and reading ability as well. Still, additional research is needed to how Piracetam works though researchers know it has a positive effect when used.


Has shown remarkable promise, but cannot be bought without prescription

Modafinil is rated as one of the best smart drugs across the world. It is one of the powerful cognitive enhancers that provides boosting alertness and results in only some mild side effects that many healthy individuals shall never experience. Basically, it is a prescription medicine that is designed for the treatment of disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder as well.

The way Modafinil works is partially a mystery, yet the most research indicates that it acts as a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Simply put, Modafinil boosts the dopamine levels similar to cocaine but in less intense manner. However, the enhanced reward system it produces in the brain makes it the most potent cognitive enhancer to be available in the market these days. So much so, an average person who consumes it rises from being slow to full-charged within an hour or a two only.

The Modafinil is found to be different than other extreme nootropics in the way that it results in more efficacy in the young, healthy people, not only the elderly people. Likewise, it works wonders for those who are suffering from cognitive deficits. This is the reason that Modafinil is commonly prescribed to military personnel who are assigned on an intense tour. Or it is also advised for those who lack adequate sleep for physiological reasons.

Once a study was conducted by researchers at the Imperial College of London that got published in the Annals of surgery. The study revealed that Modafinil proved effective for sleep-deprived surgeons. They were better able to plan, were less impulsive when making decisions as well as could focus more during surgery and other tasks.

So, you must be wondering what the advantage is for using Modafinil? Well, it is addictive, but there are only a few long-term studies conducted on it. So, this means that is debatable how it will affect the brain chemistry down the road or over a prolonged, regular usage. It should be noted that it cannot be bought easily or legally for those who live in the USA. Researchers have classified as a schedule IV controlled substance.

On the other hand, there is Adrafinil which is a pro-drug for Modafinil. This means that it can be metabolized into Modafinil to result in the similar effect. Adrafinil can be bought easily, and it is legal to use it. Yet, it has some few disadvantages as well. Like, an individual has to take a higher dose of Adrafinil to achieve effects similar to Modafinil respectively. Suppose the respective individual waits for long like 45 to 60 minutes to experience the effect; then there is a chance of side effect or two as well.

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