Nootropics are one of the most popular topics nowadays, and it should be because it is something that has endless benefits. With the immense amount of attention, it is getting people usually to get confused regarding which nootropic to buy and which are the most effective ones?
Nootropics are basically supplements, and they are also referred as cognitive enhancers or brain boosters. They have the ability to generate positive effects for greater mental performance.

Nootropics are known for increasing memory and the speed of recalling. It elevates the learning capabilities, and the attention span brings clarity of thought and also enhances the concentration level. All these effects contribute to increased fluid intelligence that helps us in making better decisions, improves the problem-solving quality and allows us to be more creative.
The best quality of nootropics is that it helps the neurons to communicate better with the brain which largely increases the overall efficiency and keeps the brain healthy for a long time.

The number of clinical uses of nootropics is also being explored rapidly. Researchers have concluded that the impact of various nootropic agents for medical conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases, dementia, cognitive decline due to age and ADHD. Since it has so many positive impacts, we are not surprised that these supplements have really observed their popularity explode.
The competition is very intense in the nootropic community. There are numerous popular nootropics available that it gets hard to decide which ones should be used.  Thus, we would like to bring some of the best nootropic brands under the limelight, so it helps you get started and allows you to differentiate between their utilities.

In this article, we have tabulated some of the best nootropics brands in no particular order along with their advantages, description, and performance. So, let’s begin!

1. Noopept

This nootropic is categorized as one of the most powerful nootropics in the market. Noopept is known for its potent benefits like increasing memory recollection and boosts memory revival. Some other qualities of Noopept include better learning ability, reduces anxiety, improves sensory perception and reflexes, enhances mood, increases cognitive performance and generates logical thinking. Noopept invigorates the NDMA, Nicotine, and AMPA receptor sites that are present in the brain. The neurotransmitters activity is increased which helps in better productivity. Noopept also elevates the amount of Nerve Growth Factor and the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which are essential for the development of neurons and their connections.

2. Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam belongs to the family of Piracetam which is one of the most popular nootropics of all times. Pramiracetam is just more powerful and advanced version of Piracetam and has a notably higher oral bioavailability. This means that an individual needs a lesser dose of this nootropic and still see a number of therapeutic outcomes. Pramiracetam binds itself to the receptor site of Acetylcholine and then take their destination to upgrade the action capabilities of neurons.
It also significantly increases the cognitive functioning, supporting memory and learning capabilities. The energy in the brain is boosted which intensifies the attention span, focus and concentration levels. Pramiracetam also has a longer half-life resulting in better productivity.

3. Modafinil

This nootropic is one of the strongest ones that can be used but should be taken carefully. Initially, it was developed to deal with sleep disorders like narcolepsy, etc. but now it is also being used to treat sleep apnea and to provide alertness in occupations who work long hours like doctors, nurses.

It is referred as the most powerful wakefulness agent in the world. So it is great for people who face issues like constant fatigue and daytime lethargy. Modafinil is also popular for numerous cognitive effects including memory increment, upgrading mental energy and elevating concentration spam and focus. There is the overall betterment of an individual’s thinking and performance.

4. Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a nootropic which belongs to both Racetam and Ampakine family meaning that it does way more than just increasing the cognitive aspects of an individual. It is an exceptional anxiolytic and helps to decrease the stress levels and anxiety by providing mood enhancers to the body. It lessens the negative thoughts in the brain and makes a person feel relaxed and calm.
People who are suffering from depression, stress or social anxiety should definitely try this nootropic. It is excellent for any mood-related disorder and is noted to bring guaranteed results. It also increases the memory level and enhances focus; attention at the same time also brings clarity in thought. People usually say that they experience a stimulant effect when taking these supplements but this is just because they are feeling increased energy followed by a sense of relaxation.

5. Adrafinil

This is an energy booster which works similarly like Modafinil. It is the second choice of a lot of people who cannot access Modafinil in their country. This is because Modafinil is illegal in some countries whereas Adrafinil is not. Adrafinil turns into Modafinil when it reaches the human liver. It has most of the features similar to Modafinil like the wakefulness and increases memory and cognition. It is recommended to use Adrafinil in a proper cycle or to have it occasionally so tolerance build-up can be avoided and there are no side effects.

6. Sulbutiamine

This nootropic was developed in Japan to boost the overall brain energy and efficiency. Sulbutiamine intake also improves the attention spam and higher ability to focus and concentrate. It also allows an individual to feel calm, relaxed and an overall positive feeling. Sulbutiamine is the most commonly used supplement, and most people have made it a part of their daily life.

7. Phenylpiracetam

This is a stronger version of Piracetam and is approximately around 60 times more concentrated. It has a very interesting formulation which gives it very interesting properties and benefits. It also elevates the tolerance level to stress and cold.
It enhances the physical performance of an individual and helps intensifies focus level. Some users also state that they even feel their memory is improved and the learning capability is increased basically there is an upheaval in overall brain health and productivity.

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I hope this will clarify most of the questions that our readers might have. Do your research properly and make sure you are taking the right nootropic for yourself that is bringing about an evident positive change in your physical and mental health.

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