Citicoline occurs naturally in the human body in the form of a brain chemical. It can also be taken in the form of supplements and can also be given to people intravenously. It was first developed in Japan for in the treatment of people suffering from strokes.


Effects of citicoline on human health

There are a large number of benefits of using Citicoline. Citicoline assists and improves human brain function in a diverse manner and in several ways. It can raise and increase the level of critical and valuable neurotransmitters. It increases mental energy and activity. It also keeps the brain safe from injury and damage. It can also be shown through some research and studies that it can slow down the process of brain aging.

The ways in which Citicoline affects Human health in a good way are discussed below.

Use of Citicoline- Ischemic Stroke

If Citicoline is used by patients who have had an ischemic stroke, the chances of disability are reduced, and the chances of full recovery are enhanced tremendously. Along with that, Citicoline lessens the risk of death in ischemic patients as well.


Citicoline- A Nootropic

A drug which improves and enhances learning and memory, with brain protective properties along with very few side effects, is known as Nootropic. Citicoline can also be termed as a Nootropic since it improves memory, focus, and concentration.


Citicoline and Acetylcholine Levels

Citicoline raises the Acetylcholine level in the human brain, which is a neurotransmitter that passes information from one neuron to the other. This plays an important role in the formation and accumulation of memory and several other cognitive actions.

Energy Level in Brain

A lot of energy is used by our brain. The brain gets the required amount of energy in the form of glucose via the blood flowing through the brain since it cannot store energy itself. Citicoline boosts the metabolism of glucose as well as increases the flow rate of blood to the brain.

Treatment of Neurological Problems

Studies and research have shown very good results regarding the use of Citicoline in the treatment and cure of many neurological conditions such as:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Memory loss due to aging
  • Dementia
  • Stroke (Ischemic Stroke)
  • Alzheimer’s: Citicoline, when taken by patients who are suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s, shows anti-depressant qualities.
  • Schizophrenia: Citicoline enhanced and improved a large number of cerebral functions in patients who suffer from Schizophrenia.

Treatment of Addiction

Citicoline can be helpful in treating addiction. For instance, it lessens the cravings in cocaine addicts by increasing dopamine. Furthermore, the brain cell membranes which are damaged due to using cocaine can be repaired using Citicoline.

Used in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks that improve physical energy as well as create mental alertness contain Citicoline in them which improve cerebral functions such as boost the memory, enhance focus and improve concentration.


It can be seen from the above discussion that there are several benefits of using Citicoline supplements. It improves many brain functions which in turn result in better health, overall. There are a very few side effects of using Citicoline.