The weight loss industry today involves hundreds of people as more and more people work towards losing their weight. When it comes to getting rid of some pounds and dieting, we often tend to look for such solutions that are effective as well as quick. You need to be dedicated to weight loss which involves putting in commitment and time. Since this isn’t easy, you can always take help from nootropics to make your weight loss journey easier.

While nootropics are cognitive enhancers, they offer a number of other benefits as well. Various nootropics also have certain active ingredients help you get rid of the extra weight. If you maintain a healthy diet and are consistent, then nootropics can be an excellent addition to the weight loss routine.


How can nootropics help?

Nootropics are supplements that help boost the overall brain function including concentration, learning, recall, and memory. Most important of all, it helps you stay focused on your goals. Once your focus is boosted, it will be easier to stick to your goals and not give into the cravings. Here are a few nootropics that can assist with weight loss.

  1. Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl l-carnitine is known for enhancing the person’s cognitive ability. However, evidence also suggests that it helps to lose weight and burn an increasing amount of fat as well. It promotes the uptake of fatty acids into the mitochondria, and as a result, stored fat is changed to energy.

The nootropic is essential for the metabolism of energy since it helps to transport lipids to the cells so that it can be used in the form of energy. This process is called oxidation and nootropics increase the process, which in turn, enhances weight loss. Since the nootropic increases the amount of fat burned without having an effect on the muscle mass, it is suitable for both bodybuilders and athletes.

  1. Choline

Choline is known to have a lipotropic effect which means that it also encourages fat to be used in the form of energy instead of letting it be stored in the form of glucose. Moreover, since it assists in liver function, it breaks down and eliminates the fat that is trapped. Choline promotes lipolysis, and as a result, more fat is burned than the amount that would burn with a typical metabolic rate. Not only does this help with a steady weight loss, but it also prevents future weight gain.

  1. Hordenine


Hordenine is found in many plants such as barley grass and bitter orange and is a natural phenylethylamine-related compound. It is not only useful for athletes and bodybuilders, but also for those wanting to lose weight. The compound works by increasing metabolism while also simultaneously decreasing the appetite and promoting the loss of fat. Since a greater number of calories are burned even when you are at rest, hordenine makes it easy to lose weight.

Moreover, it also contributes to the digestion of food at a slower pace, therefore functioning as an appetite suppressant. Hordenine also eliminates the cravings for different food and satiates hunger as well. All in all, hordenine is quite potent for those on a diet.

  1. Phenylethylamine

Also called PEA, phenylethylamine is a stimulatory transmitter that improves mood and increases alertness. PEA elevates the blood levels of catecholamine which is beneficial for the thermogenic burning of the fat.

  1. Adderall

Adderall combined with amphetamine is commonly used for the treatment of ADHD and is known for assisting in controlling the symptoms. Moreover, Adderall is also used for attained a controlled body mass index.

Adderall is a stimulant drug and is prescribed widely by doctors to those looking to shed some pounds. The compound is known for suppressing the appetite, thus helping you control the caloric intake. Moreover, Adderall increase cognitive ability, making you more conscious of the food you take. Plus, since Adderall increases the level of dopamine, it motivates the user to take part in workouts daily.


Should you take these nootropics?

The primary key to succeeding in your weight loss journey is your everyday habits. Incorporating nootropics in your weight loss program will only benefit you if you also focus on the other aspects of weight loss including your activity level and your diet along with the supplementations you take if any. One thing to note is that it is much better to take nootropics over weight loss pills since they don’t lead to negative effects. Keeping these points in mind will make sure you lose weight in just a short time!