What Is Depression?

Depression is an illness that can affect many aspects of everyday functioning such as interfering with concentration, motivation, bringing about an overwhelming feeling of sadness and losing interests in activities that one once used to enjoy. This is a disorder that has increasingly afflicted people worldwide, and according to statistics, about 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year. To treat this condition, most of us turn to antidepressants, but these tend to carry other side effects such as causing abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. and might just make the condition worse.
However, another possible option can be the addition of nootropics into the supplementation routine. Although nootropics are primarily intended as cognitive enhancers but some synthetic as well as natural types are said to have certain supplements that may be able to help alleviate depression and other mood problems without adding additional complications. Mentioned below are the symptoms that nootropics may help to relieve:

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Persistent Sadness

Nootropics act in a way that fires dopamine neurons as well as increases normal dopamine production making it more effective. This leads to a series of chemical pathways in the brain that enhances memory, learning but specifically mood. The mood is a significant cognitive function that plays an important role in both our physical and mental performance. Nootropics also knew as ‘mood enhancers’ are a remarkably effective means of mood management, maintaining healthy and positive moods, increasing feelings of positivity and well-being. For mild depressive episodes, some nootropics are able to stave them off even before they happen, leaving the individual to feel happy and positive.


Anxiety is rapidly becoming one of the most widespread problems in modern life. While severe conditions require treatment and counseling, the more common form, mild anxiety can be treated by nootropics. Some nootropics are able to offer a highly relaxing effect as they immediately address neurochemical causes of anxiety. These drugs namely L-Tryptophan, promote relaxation and tranquility by promoting the production of a neurotransmitter that reduces central nervous system stimulation. For people struggling with social anxiety, nootropics are excellent to help them return to their calm, relaxed and confident selves.


Depression and stress go hand in hand. Numerous emotional conditions and daily struggles subject us to stress. Luckily, ‘smart drugs’ that is nootropics can be very helpful to fight off such condition. In this modern day, most of us ranging from high school kids to college students and people at jobs, all go through serious levels of stress. Hence, it is convenient to choose a supplement that can help fight off negative emotions without having to make regular trips to the doctors’. Nootropics improve brain performance to alleviate stress and fights away from the feelings of stress and being tensed up. This leaves a light and relaxed feeling to the user.

Decreased Motivation

Depressed individuals suffer from feelings of worthlessness, or hopelessness and decreased levels of energy. They wish to stay in bed all day and choose to have minimum interaction with the outside world. The feeling of not wanting to do anything is caused because of the lack of motivation that in turn is caused by low energy levels. Many nootropics target this directly and immediately influence neurotransmitter activity by stimulating the release and processing of key brain chemicals. Moreover, they increase blood sugar levels which mean increased energy synthesis. Nootropics energize both mind and body while maximizing mental capacity. This elevates interest and enthusiasm towards the task at hand and enables the individual to think and perform way better for a longer period of time.

Low Concentration

Depression tends to cause lack of focus and concentration, forgetfulness and with a foggy brain, people find it difficult to make decisions. With such symptoms, it is often not possible to perform well at the task at hand, be it at work or school or college. Nootropics are said to have a profound effect on our learning and memory, and that is exactly what we need to perform better. Nootropics tend to revive our brain by increasing blood sugar levels leading to more sugar available inside body cells to utilize for energy synthesis resulting in a boost in alertness, concentration and a stimulant effect. In addition, nootropics also help improve creativity and productivity for a longer period of time without inducing fatigue.


A depressed mind is rarely able to get a good night’s sleep and tend to stay awake until very late hours of the night, wake up from a few hours of restless sleep or just not be able to go to sleep at all. This is termed as sleep deprivation which may lead one to be less energetic and productive the following day. Over time this can even negatively affect the brain function and cognitive health. Nootropics directed specifically for this purpose have an immediate effect on the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. This helps to reduce levels of stress in the body and mind and induce a deep level of relaxation. This leads to the mind being calmed and the body relaxed eventually, restoring sleep patterns to their natural, effective state.

Nootropics are supplements or substances that enhance brain performance. They are very commonly known as cognitive enhancers and really help to enhance cognitive functions such as improve memory retention, focus, increase intelligence, elevate mood and fighting away anxiety, depression and other forms of the psychological condition. They are biochemically created for long-term use and usually have minimal to no side effects whereas antidepressants tend to have some sort of unwanted, secondary effect. Moreover, nootropics are quicker and have a more immediate effect than antidepressants. The user is able to see changes in themselves sooner than they would with antidepressant pills. In addition, almost all nootropics provide an overall boost, enhancing all the cognitive abilities rather than just targeting a single site that is usually the case with antidepressants. All these benefits of nootropics against antidepressants make it appealing and fascinating, with more and more people turning to these drugs as a means to help them with depression.

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