You might have come across the term Nootropics at least once in your life. This word often creates a lot of confusion amongst people as not many still know what it means.

So what are Nootropics and what are they used for?

Well, Nootropics is a term that is used to classify a particular type of chemicals that mentally benefit the human brain. These substances are both naturally-occurring and manmade. For a substance to be classified as a nootropic, there are certain conditions it must meet such as:

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  • It must enhance one’s memory and improve the ability to learn.
  • It must help the brain by allowing it to work under disruptive conditions.
  • Must protect the brain from all sorts of chemical and physical assaults.
  • It must also increase the neuronal firing control mechanisms efficiency.
  • It must be virtually non-toxic and must have few or no side effects at all.

These smart drugs must benefit one’s thinking and enhance their mental ability. The best part about these drugs is that they can be used by both men and women.

Something that not quite a lot of people know is that not only are these smart drugs beneficial for the mind but they are also incredibly beneficial for women health!

It is high time people realize the role these smart drugs can play in a woman’s life and the positive effects it can give rise to.

What nootropics do:

Nootropics enhance the communication between neurons which balances out the neurotransmitter levels and promote healthy brain cell health. They help in improving one’s metabolism rate, support neuroplasticity and stimulate new neuron and synapses growth.

Human health is directly related to how the brain functions. Your brain controls and regulates the hormones present in your body. Now if your brain isn’t working properly, it could lead to an imbalance of hormones, something that ever woman dreads.

Estrogen and progesterone act as a neuroprotective; they reduce brain inflammation and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Now hormones have a direct relation to the neurotransmitters present in the brain, and these then directly influence your mood and your overall health.

The deficiency of any hormone in one’s body can cause changes in the mood, growth function, metabolism, sexual system, reproductive system and lastly can affect your brain function as well.


What happens:

The moment you are born is the moment that you start to age. Similarly, a human brain is no exception; it ages every day. Toxins build up in the brain, and real-life decisions cause premature cell death.

You can see signs of aging such as grey hair, wrinkles, and reduced mobility. While you physically can’t see how your brain ages, some people do suffer from memory loss as they grow older.

Until and unless you look at these signs you don’t take preventative measures. Women, on the other hand, address these symptoms by using anti-aging creams. While you might be able to treat these wrinkles how would you prevent your brain from aging? As your brain ages, your neurons stop communicating with the brain efficiently.

Many people suffer from loss of memory as they age because the neurons are unable to communicate as efficiently as they use to before. You don’t have to give in to aging and turn your focus on your brain’s health.

Stress also affects neurons. Memories are new connections that you’re making. And as you age these connections decrease, and as cells get worn out neuroplasticity decreases as well.

However, there are supplements that can help you out with all these issues! This is where nootropics come in handy!

Believe it or not, nootropics can help you in dealing with all these problems.

Here are five things related to nootropics that you should inform your wife about!

Nootropics help with anti-aging

Our bodies are always trying to eliminate waste and toxins. However, some toxins can accumulate over time. Some waste products can be seen on skins, such as ‘sun spots.’

These sun spots may be a sign that you’re experiencing cell death. Hence by taking the right nootropic supplement, you can remove the waste products and can even get rid of these age spots as well.

Helps in improving poor sleeping patterns

The human brain begins to age after puberty ends and you see an early change in one’s sleeping patterns. As the human brain ages, people’s sleeping time decreases. Such poor sleeping patterns are related to poor cognition.

However, nootropics and a good diet can help by reducing such a cognitive decline. In some cases, you can even reverse the damage that has been caused to your neurons. There is a vast range of different nootropics that will benefit your brain health. If you take your nootropics supplements wisely, you can improve your cognitive health, and can even reduce your risk of cognitive disorders by keeping your sleep patterns at a healthy level.

Increased Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to process stuff; to come up with new and creative ideas, to allow you to focus on a thing, etc. However, with old age, neuroplasticity decrease. This is why a lot of people opt for nootropics as such drugs improve the brain’s overall function and allows one to remember stuff better.

Boosts Memory

As you’re aging, your grey matter is declining. This affects the nervous system which leads to memory loss, sight and speech issues, muscle control issues, etc. Chemicals inside nootropics can help strengthen neurological bonds so you can retain memories as well as be able to make new connections.

Relieves Stress

Nowadays almost everyone suffers from stress and anxiety. Nootropics make it a lot easier for you to handle stress as they reduce the stress levels by relaxing the mind and by making you more alert. You experience a calming effect, and your brain goes into a relaxed state of mind, allowing you to focus on what’s important and not feel stressed due to distractions.

A Healthy Brain Is Most Important During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when both the mother and the baby require nourishment for their bodies to be able to function properly. When you’re pregnant, the mother’s brains need to communicate with the fetus. The entire process is controlled and regulated by the brain.

Nootropics improve not only the mother’s brain health but also boost’s the child’s health too. These drugs help by making the brain tissues more active. Also, paired with the drug’s ability to ward of stress, the pregnant mother is more likely to be in a better mood.

Keep in mind that you should consult a doctor before deciding to take a nootropic during pregnancy.

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